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Shark Week

SHARKS WTF 2014 The Discovery Channel's Shark Week was originally developed to raise AWARENESS and respect for sharks. The longest-running cable television programming event in history, it is now broadcast in over 72 countries. Sharks can smell one drop of BLOOD in a million drops of water Oceans' top PREDATORS, sharks have keen senses, including electroperception, a sense of electrical impulses given off by all living thỉngs Each Shark Worth $2 Million? Sharks are worth far more alive than dead, according to a new study on their contribution to the economy of Palau. SHARKS WTF 2014 SHARKS NEVER RUN OUT OF TEETH AS NEW ONES MOVE UP AND REPLACE ANY LOST DURING FEEDING Man Largest Great White Lower Average Megalodon Upper Average Megalodon MEGALODON sharks existed for more than 50 million years, extinct 35 million years... though the Discovery Channel's controversial docuficțion implies that they may still live FAMOUS Sharks JAWS - Amity Harbor's giant man-eating great JAWS white shark starring in the blockbuster movie and Universal Theme Park attraction LAND SHARK - Saturday Night Live character who preys door-to-door on young, single victims by tricking them into opening LAN ZIERING TARA BED their door and then swallows them SHARKWADO SHARKNADO - Tornado of man-eating ENOUGH SAID! sharks that terrorize Los Angeles in the Syfy cult B movie BRUCE - Great white shark, leader of the Fish-Friendly Sharks in the blockbuster animated film Finding Nemo labroots

Shark Week

shared by Shizank on Aug 14
Feared by most but still loved by many, sharks are one of the most fascinating and mystic creatures prowling the Earth's seas. Essentially unchanged for the last 400 million years, sharks are defined ...


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