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The Shark Survival Guide

25 YEARS nofre SHARK WEEK Now that Shark Week has got you running from water, here's a few tips to help you conquer those new-found fish fears. Survival Guide The ones to look out for... TOP 5 MOST DANGEROUS SHARKS 5 Blue Shark Sand Tiger Shark Tiger Shark 2 Bull Shark Great White Shark These top three sharks are responsible for 99% of all attacks. Biggest shark attack ever reported Avoid these actions WORST ATTACK REASONS PEOPLE ARE ATTACKED OPulling the shark's tail 2 Jabbing the shark with a spear gun One of the worst shark attacks in history was the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II. Nearly 900 sailors 3 Stepping on the shark were stranded in the Philippine Sea near Guam for four days. Experts can't be sure how many sailors lost their lives to sharks, but when help arrived, only 316 Feeding the shark by hand people were still alive Other things to be afraid of THINGS MORE LIKELY TO KILL YOU THAN A SHARK FAULTING CHRISTMAS LIGHTS HORNETS, BEES, WASPS LIGHTNING DOGS Surviving an attack FENDING OFF A SHARK 2 PACK YOUR BOXING GLOVES Punching a shark in the nose or poking its eyes can help to fend it off during an attack. Aim for the sensitive eyes or gills – or, if your aim is off, the much bigger target of the snout. Most sharks don't want to work that hard for their food and will swim away. FIND THE BLIND SPOTS Sharks' eyes are on the sides of their heads, which means they have a wide sightline spanning nearly 360 degrees and is in- hibited only by two blind spots, one in front of the snout and the other directly behind the head. GRAB AHOLD! If a shark sinks its teeth into your arms during a shark attack, your best bet is to latch on to the shark. Sharks like to whip their prey around in order to break off chunks of meat, so the closer you stay to the shark, the better your chance of keeping your limb. USE YOUR MAGNETIC PERSONALITY 1 It's possible that shark repellents could come from an unlikely 2 source: magnets. Magnets in the water can interfere with a shark's electroreception. Don't just strap on some magnets and head to the beach, though sharks have to get very close to the magnets before they're affected. lemorely Created by -shark.htm

The Shark Survival Guide

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Since these shark tales may have heightened your fears of swimming and got you thinking twice about taking a dip (in both freshwater and saltwater) we’ve created a Shark Week infographic survival gu...




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