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Seafood Safety

For News Illustrated pages and interactive graphics News Illustrated HIK) For health-related stories Hungryland Wildife and 4 Environmental MARTIN COUNTY St. Lucie Canal Seafood safety Lake Okeechobee Area 3 JW. Corbett Wildlife Management Area Beeline Hwy 441 (5 880 West Palm Beach Canal, C-51 canal Lake Osborne Bodies of water listed below in fish consumption advisory 89 10 C-16 11 Lake Ida LOXAHATCHEE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE E-4- C-15 Choose the fish you eat wisely. PALM BEACH COUNTY HNsboro Canal 95) Boca Raton HOLEY LAND Some seafood contains WATER CONSERVATION AREA 2 14 higher levels of mercury. But don't let that stop you - North New River ns Fort Lauderdale WATER CONSERVATION fish is an important AREA 3A BROWARD COUNTY part of a KING MACKEREL 17 MIAMI-DADE COUNTY healthy diet. 626 Miami Canal 19 Eating fish from untested AREA 3B Miami Tamiami Trail Tamiami Canal, C-4 SWORDFISH 21 26 waters C-100 SHARK SLOUGH Young children and pregnant women should be cautious when eating seafood. Avoid these fish. Biscayne 22 Bay EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK SHARK Harney River 26 24 Homestead Atlantic Ocean CHOOSE ONE OF THESE OPTIONS: *Select fish low in mercury: shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock and farm-raised catfish. 12 ounces a week TARPON BAY Shark River TILEFISH Largemouth bass, bowfin or Gar: 6 ounces per month WHITEWATER BAY 25 Albacore tuna: 6 ounces of per week and a second meal of fish from low-mercury options* 27 Get more on freshwater and coastal fish at Fish from local bodies of water not listed CAPE SABLE in this advisory or in information from the website at right: 6 ounces per week medicine/fishconsumptionadvisories Freshwater fish from South Florida FISH IN LISTING Use the following information to determine the amount of locally caught fish your family eats. Some fish build up levels of mercury that are not harmful to most people, but can pose a risk to pregnant women, women considering becoming pregnant or children younger than 10. County Bis Broward PB is Palm Beach MD is Miami-Dade M is Monroe Group A: Women who are or may Number of meals in become pregnant, women who specific time frame are nursing or children under 10 Symbols < Fish less than noted length >= Fish greater than or equal to BIGMOUTH SLEEPER YELLOW BULLHEAD CATFISH Group B: Individuals not listed in Group A 2 Meals safe to eat per week 1 Meals safe to eat per month O Fish not safe to eat Location County Fish Location County Fish 1 Lake Okeechobee 16 New River, North Fork PB Brown bullhead, Channel catfish, Redear sunfish, White catfish Black crappie, BluegilI, L. bass < 13 in. 1 1 L.bass >=18 in., Bowfin, Gar Black mullet, Blue tilapia, Snook, Spotted tilapia Bigmouth sleeper, Mayan cichlid PB Bluegill, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish. L.bass, Bowfin, Gar BLACK CRAPPIE WHITE CATFISH 17 C-9 Snake Creek Canal PB Bluegill, Channel catfish, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish L.bass, Bowfin, Gar -8 canal 18 Water Bluegill, L. bass <14 in. MD Spotted sunfish, Warmouth. Redear sunfish Butterfly peacock Mayan cichlid, Yellow bullhead L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 3 Corbett WMA PB L.bass, Bowfin, Gar Conservation Area ЗA BLACK MULLETT 4 Hungryland WEA PB L.bass, Bowfin, Gar WARMOUTH 1П M-D Bluegil, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish, L.bass, Bowfin (-51 canal 6 Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge PB Bluegil, Redear sunfish Mayan cichlid, Warmouth . L.bass <14 in. L.bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 19 Area of Tamiami Canal (C-4), WCA3, west of Krome Avenue MD Mayan cichlid Bluegill, Redear sunfish Spotted sunfish, Warmouth L. bass <14 in. L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 7 Okeeheelee Fish PB Bluegil Management Area BLUEGILL 20 Krome Avenue Canal, L-30 SPOTTED TILAPIA MD Bluegill, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish L. bass <14 in. L.bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar L.bass, Bowfin, Gar. 8 Lake Osborne PB Bluegill, Redear sunfish L.bass, Bowfin, Gar. 9 Lake Ida. Lake B Blue gill, Redear sunfish Osborne, E-4 canal PB L.bass, Bowfin, Gar. 21 L-31 canal 1 П MD L.bass <14 in. L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 10 C-16 canal, Boynton Canal PB Bluegill, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish L.bass <14 in. L.bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 22 Black Creek MD Blue gill, Butterfly peacock, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish L. bass, Bowfin, Gar. Canal C-1 BLUE TILAPIA SPOTTED SUNFISH 23 (-100 canal MD Redear sunfish 11 Caloosa Fish Management Area 12 Hillsboro Canal PB Channel catfish, L. bass, Bowfin, Gar, Mayan cichlid PB Bluegil, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish. L.bass, Bowfin, Gar 24 C-1 canal, Aerojet Canal MD Redear sunfish Mayan cichlid . L. bass <14 in. L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 13 Holey Land Wildlife and Environment Area PB Bluegill, Mayan cichlid, Redear sunfish L.bass <14 in. L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin. Gar 25 Everglades MD Mayan cichlid National Park, Nine Mile Pond 1 П 1П L. bass <14 in. L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar BOWFIN REDEAR SUNFISH 26 Everglades N.P, Shark River M Bluegill Slough, Harney and Shark rivers, Tarpon Bay MD Redear sunfish 14 Water B Warmouth, Bluegil Conservation Area 2 PB Redear sunfish, Butterfly peacock _ 1 2 Spotted sunfish, L. bass <14 in. L.bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar Mayan cichlid . Snook, L. bass <14 in., Spotted sunfish, Yellow bullhead L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar 15 Lake Delevoe Redear sunfish Bluegill, Largemouth bass, Bowfin, Gar B 27 Everglades N.P. M Common snook, L. bass <14 in. Cape Sable north BROWN BULLHEAD CATFISH L. bass >=14 in., Bowfin, Gar MAYAN CICHLID BUTTERFLY PEACOCK CHANNEL CATFISH COMMON SNOOK FLORIDA GAR LARGEMOUTH BASS SOURCE: "Your guide to eating fish caught in Florida, 2009: Fish consumption advisory" Florida Department of Health; "What you need to know about mercury in fish and shellfish," Environmental Protection Agency FISH ILLUSTRATIONS: Diana Peebles; Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission; "Fisherman's Guide: Fishes of the Southeastern United States," Duane Raver, Vic Dunaway's Sport Fish of Florida, by Florida Sportsman; Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission; U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers; Texas Parks and Wildlife; Dundee Sportsman Club, Inc.; U.S. Geological Survey CINDY JONES-HULFACHOR/ STAFF GRAPHIC [email protected] Krome Ave. y dnojn Group B y dnop Group B

Seafood Safety

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Some fish carry a high level of mercury, so it's important to choose the fish you eat wisely. This infographic provides information about fish safety.


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