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Safeguarding cultural heritage in Syria

Knowledge and documentation Activities undertaken during the first year of the project ШАП Communlention and wareness ralaing efforts Unted Nabons Funded by the CcLcallonal Sclent and European Union utura Oranizaton - Technleal nasistance and capacity building UNESCO is Implementing a three-pronged approach to monitor and assess the cultural heritage situation in Syria through updated and continued knowledge and documentation; mitigate the destruction and loss of Syrian cultural heritage through national and International communication and awareness raiain efforts: and protect and safeguard Syrian cultural heritage through enhanced technical assistance and capacity bulding. FIRST AD TRAINING to cultural built heritage in Syria EMERGENCY FINST AID MEETING SAFEGUARDING dedicated to the Aleppo Museuma TRAINING OF THE on the 2003 Convention for the safeguarding of intanglble cultural heritage SYRIAN ROSTER OF EXPERTS INFORMATION SHARING NETWORK MEETING CULTURAL FIST AID MEETING on improving inventories of built, movable and Intangible cultural heritage OBSERVATORY OF SYRIAN CULTURAL HERITACE HERITAGE dedicated to the Crac des Chevaliers MEETING COERTS MEETING creation and updating of the Syrlan police database of looted artefacts about the TRAINING The Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Cultural to protect movable heritage during and after the conflict. and protect the museums from looting Heritage project funded by the European Union with the support of the Flemish Government aims to provide an operational response to halt the TRAINING on-going loss of cultural heritage and prepare post-conflict priority actions in Syria. addressed to police and AWAREHESS RAG customs officers from Syrla and neighbouring countries in support of UNESCO's UNITEAHERITAGE campaign Supported by In partnership with MAR APR MAY JUL SEP ост NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY ICOMOS ICCROM 2014 2015 Capacity building activities Outputs international experts taking part in the International 1204 Experts Meeting for the Preservation of the Syrian Cuitural Heritage. TURKEY 1 x www. 600+x8 Internet platform (Roster of experts. Information sharing n observatory of Syrlan cultural heritage) created, accessible on-line and updated regularty. contact detals of xperts gathered. AL HASAKAH g network, TRAININGS ALEPPO AR RAQOAH MAARAT AL NUMAAN 10 14 November 2014 24, November 6 December 2014 entities represented on the Roster 98 x Information sharing network. xperts and LATAIGA DEIR EZ ZOR APAMBA Training to fight Illicit trafficking of Syrian cultural properties. Training course on First Aid to cultural built heritage in Syria. JABLEH 6 x 39 x • HAMA SYRIA archlve documents uploaded on the Information Sharing TARTUS specialised reports in conformity with UNESCO technical standards ssessing the updated situation of the Syrian cultural heritage. CRAC DES CHEVALIERS O HOMS O PALMYRA IV Network 26 30 January 2015 13 February 2015 LEBANON 20 Training on the 2003 Convention for the Training to protect movable heritage during and after the confict and protect the museum from • DEIR ATVAH visibility Initlatives undertaken at local and international level that IBEIRUY O MAALOULA safeguarding of Intanglble cultural heritage. effectively disseminate Information on Ssyrlan culturai heritage and O IRAQ DAMASCUS looting QUNEITRA promote awareness of Its importance. TRAINING II TRAINING IV DARAA 9 25 AS SUWAYDA 10 23 2 22 9 30 OBOSRA participants to the capacity bullding activities 100 x carried out during the first yeer of the project. JORDAN 852 vlaita per month (In average) to the an-line platform focused on the protection, safeguarding and restoration of cultural property in Syria. Tralnee types Ex4 100 12 safeguarding initiatives undertaken in the field of TRAININGS PARTICIPANTS Syrian cultural heritage that reflect the principles and objectives of the UNESCO Conventions and the broadest participation of communities. POLICEE CUSTOMS OFFICERS PROFESSIONALS HERITACE Participants diutrlbution JORDAN Map legend RAQ LEBANON TRAINERS SYRIA TURKEY FOR MORE INFO 1-2 6-3 MEDITERRANEAN SEA

Safeguarding cultural heritage in Syria

shared by UNESCO on May 27
A detailed look at our efforts to safeguard cultural heritage in Syria. Protecting culture means protecting people







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