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Ruff guide to walking your dog in wellies

RUFF GUIDE TO WALKING YOUR DOG IN WELLIES Are you a serious dog walker? No.we don't mean 'do you take your dog for a quick 5 min walk. We mean seriously walk your pooch until they are more tired then you! Then this guide is for you! If you are not a serious dog walker yet, you will be after you get through this! The average dog is walked 107min A PAY 3 times a day On average, dogs are taken out: A0000 52 27,820 minutes WEEKS A YEAR 5 times a week The average dog lives: 27,820 356,096 minutes over MINUTES dog lifetime 12.8 years The average adult can walk: WALKE 5,934,9 23,739.6 miles over DOG LIFETIME HOURS 4 miles per hour WOW! THAT'S A LOT OF WALKING! MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING COMFORTABLE WELLES! WALKING DOG MUM FASHION GUIDE 2x heart size to accommodate room for all of the dogs Mobile device close by to tale adorable doggie Instagram moments Ball thrower Treat dispenser Poop bags / dispenser Bag with wet wipes, bug spray, treats, grooming brush, and water (for sharing) Trousers covered in drool and dog hair ÜBER sensible wellies to be pulled around in WHO IS YOUR WALKING BUDDY Now wellies are an item that no self-respecting Englishman or woman could be without and they are well suited to dog wallking. Look for deep lugs on the outsole which will provide stability and traction on muddy or rocky terrains. Another plus is that if you do get a bit muddythey are simple to wipe clean when you get home. LEISURELY STROLLS HOUND Wallcing Stamina pace: If you have Greyhounds, Pharaoh hounds, Coonhounds and Afgh an, you like to take slow, leisurely strolls. If you have an Otterhound, you may findit dificult to train him /her and walling in the mudmay not be a good choice due to their high-maintenance coats. Basset hounds, despite their short legs, are also good walking dogs but get distracted by all the scents aroundhim. Hounds likm to follow their noses and will sniffthe ground a lot. O Suitable walking wellies to wear? Aigle Chambord Pro a Lady Tilleul Wellington Boot, Bogs Standard Welingtom Plum old Style, Chiruca Dartmoor Leather Wellington Boots Aigle Parcoum 2 Bottillom SPORTING ENERGETIC WALKS Most dogs from the sparting group, such as golden retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers ar Labrador re trieves, Pointes, and Setters are great waling bu for their amiable personalities andaffinity for spen ding time with their families. Retrievers are also great family dogs whoare highly energeticand athletic - some, such as the golden and Chesmpeake Bay, require a great deal of coat maintenan ce, so careful with mud. buddies. These dogs are known Walking pace: Suitable energetic wellies to wear? Stamina Bogs Wom ens Classic High Sweet Pea, Muck boots Arctic Advent ure, Chiruca Chelsea Country Leather Welly, Toggi Wanderer Esprit Neoprene Welling ton Boot, Aigle Benyl M Wellington Boots Bronze Dark Green OBEDIENT WALKER WORKING Walking Stamina pace: Most of the dogsin the worling group are large and muscular, so be sure to spendsome time and energy training them to heel. Your effarts will payoffwhen you walk down the street with one of these im pressive dogs by your side. The warling group inclu des the dogue de Bordeaux (think Tumer & Hooch) a Great e dog with a great personalit y. It requires moderate daily eercise. The pood choices that require e the r ive at Dane, the rottweiler, the borer and the Doberman pinscher are all minim al maintenance. Large andgiant schnau zers are also good wallking dogs but require a lot of grooming to kee p the ir coats shinyand free of tan gle s Suitable faithful walking wellies to wear? Muck Boot Greta, Bogs Tacoma Tall Black Wellington Boot, LeRobust Expert Neo Zipped Gusset, Chiruca Iceland Leather Welington Boots, Toggi Wan de rer Neoprene Welington Boot, Woodland Welington Boot, Aigle Parcours2 Wellington Boots TERRIERS ALWAYS READY TO GO! Terries come in all shapes, sizes and colors but have one thing in com mon: They are feisty and ready-to-go. They have great stamina This group in cludes the rat terrier, the bul terrier, the wirehaired foztenier and the West Hiägh land white terrier (the westie). Larger terriers such as the American staffordshire terrier or the Kerry blue terier are also great wallking dogs as theya to train and love to spend time withtheir family. Walking easy pace: Suitable faithful walking wellies to wear? Stamina Bogs Standard Weling tan Boot, Tayberry Rook Neoprene Adjustable Wellingtan Boot, Woodland Dark Olive Neoprene Adjustable Welingtan Boot, Woodland Navy Wellin gton Boot, Aigle Parcours 2 Vario RUFF WALKS There you have it. Now you know what are the best wellies to take your pets for long walks in. When walking your dog, chances are you're going to be hitting the open green spaces, so the main features to look for in your footwear are ankle support (because dogs are all-terrain animals), waterproofing and traction. Don't neglect your feet, or look a mess when you leave your front door. There are no excuses now. designed for easy Wellies sources - uk /dog-walking-wellies-c-127.html - - - - ies-takes-23-739-miles-survey-reveals.html by

Ruff guide to walking your dog in wellies

shared by Nikki-Pixel on Apr 28
Are you a serious dog walker? No...we don’t mean ‘do you take your dog for a quick 5 min walk’. We mean seriously walk your pooch until they are more tired then you! Then this guide is for you! ...



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