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Rhinos in Danger 2.0

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGH THAT THINGS COULD NOT GET WORSE RHINOS IN DANGER 946 668 RHINOS KILLED IN THE PAST YEARS IN AFRICA 448 333 122 25 22 10 13 24 13 2000 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 LO, E0, DO, RHINO POPULATION DRASTIC DECLINE 500,000 500000 1977 ban on the selling of rhino parts by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). 300000 100000 70,000 29,000 Beginning fo the 20th century 1970's 2013 BECAUSE IT IS HOME TO MOST OF WORLD'S RHINOS, SOUTH AFRICA (SA) HAS BEEN THE EPICENTRE OF POACHING. 70000 White Rhino population - 65,000 Black Rhino population 42000 20,405 14000 50 5,055 Beginning fo the 20th century 1970's 2013 THE EXPONENTIAL DAILY RHINO DEATH RATE 2.72 .02 Average death rate in 2000 AVERAGE 2013 THE STOCK GREATER ONE-HORNED RHINO SUMATRAN RHINO JAVAN RHINO CR CR Critically Endangered Critically Endangered The last JAVAN RHINO subspecies in Vietnam (Rhinoceros sondaicus) was found dead it was shot in the leg and the horns hacked off. EXTINCT Octo- BLACK RHINO ber 2010 100. lestimated at 100 memuco) 33-44 CR (estimated at 44 by memuco) Critically Endangered 3,333 WESTERN BLACK RHINO subspecies :( (Diceros bicomis longipes) EXTINCT November 2011 5,408 WHITE RHINO 20,408 NORTHERN WHITE RHINO (Ceratotherium simum cottoni), A subspecies in :( central Africa, has four Rhinos left - ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION. THE HOME GREATER ONE-HORNED RHINO Driving the demand: Vietnam and China SUMATRAN RHINO WHITE RHINO JAVAN BLACK RHINO South Africa holds more than 80 percent of the continent's rhino population The last rhino of Mozambique was confirmed dead in early May of 2013. WHITE RHINO POPULATION BY COUNTRY Northern White Rhino C.s. Cottoni Sourthem White Rhino C.S. simum 18,910 185 394 524 84 14 10 283 The last four of the species Botswana Namibia Swaziland Zambia Kenya Kenya South Africa Uganda Simbabwe BLACK RHINO POPULATION BY COUNTRY D.b. Bicornis (Southwesten) D.b. michaeli (Easten) D.b. minor (Southern centraleastern) i 1750 1770 68 100 26 18 27 27 206 422 631 Malawi Swaziland Zambia South Africa South Kenya Africa Tanzania Angola Swaziland Botswana South Africa Tanzania Simbabwe Sources: Anti poaching intelligence group, rhinos-irf org,, ARKIVE, WWF, inthinofoundation,, Traffic, UCN Infographic: GUILLERMO MUNRO" memuco"- - CO

Rhinos in Danger 2.0

shared by memuco on Jan 02
The animal that kicked my butt in to overdrive brings me back to do another graphic. What a drastic change between 2 years ago when I did the first graphic and decided to embarc on this road. It's rea...


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