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Rhino Poaching

FLIPEWAITE RHINO WHITE RHINO = 6ft, 1.82m RHINO RHINO P-WHITE 5000lbs, 2260kg BLACK'RHINO LIP-BLACK = 5ft, 1.52m P-BLACK 2800lbs, 1270kg * All rhinos are actually grey ONIH and colour blind Does bum my laok big? 1281 %3D ONE RHINO WEIGHS ABOUT THE SAME AS 28 PEOPLE OR TWO MEDIUM CARS FEELING HORNY? 3kg =$246 000 = TOENAIL ILLEGAL RHINO HORN IS REPORTED TO BE WORTH £40 000.00 or $82 000.00 a KILO TWO TIMES THE PRICE OF GOLD ... NOT A BAD PRICE FOR SOMETHING THAT IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME AS YOUR TOENAILS 3 is not the magic rhino number X. 333 RHINO KILLED ILLEGALLY IN SOUTH AFRICA DURING 2010 THREE TIMES MORE THAN IN 2009 AT THIS RATE THERE= WILL BE NO MORE RHINOS BY THE YEAR 2010 = 2031 2009 EXTINCT POACHED RHINOS ARE OFTEN DARTED WITH M99, A POWERFUL SUBSTANCE, ONE DROP OF WHICH CAN KILLA HUMAN BEING M99 = = M99 is often used by Dexter to kill his victims *M99 is a veterinary tranquiliser also know as Etorphine Brather? WHY DON'T THE GUNS ARE TOO NOISY AND ATTRACT TOO MUCH ATTENTION SO POACHERS DART THE RHINO BEFORE CUTTING OFF ITS HORN POACHERS JUST AND LEAVING IT TO DIE. THE SOUTH AFRICAN MILITARY HAS SHOOT THEM? NOW BEEN DRAFTED IN TO HELP SAVE THE RHINOS RHINO HORN POWDER See ya wauldn't want to be ya DOES NOT Sa long . and thanks for all the grass MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER Love you MAKE YOU MORE FERTILE long time FREE YOU FROM BEMONS CURE TYPHOID OR THE FLU Designed by EARTH-TOUCH IT JUST KILLS RHINOS WWW.EARTH-TOUCH.COM Number of rhino killed: Use of rhino horn: Price of rhino horn: Rhino weight and size: Extinct date: M99: POINTY LIP ROINTYLIP- rhino" meaning nose and "ceros" meaning head. e word rhinoceros comes from two ancient Greek words

Rhino Poaching

shared by judithgold on Dec 06
This infographic provides information about Rhinos, the number of Rhinos in the world and their size. It also explains what Rhino Poaching and how it's affecting the Rhino population. It explains the ...




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