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Resume Cover Letter Writing Tips HOW TO... Write a Resume Cover Letter It makes a statement about yourself and your suitability for the job and should give the personal touch that your resume will intrinsically lack The covering letter is vital to your resume. It's the first page and not an addition It demonstrates your writing style better than your resume (which is usually more brief and factual) Suggested Structure of a Cover Letter state the job you're applying for First Paragraph where you found out about it when you're available to start work why you're interested in that type of work Second Paragraph why the company attracts you summarise your strengths and how they might be an advantage to the organisation Third Paragraph relate your skills to the competencies required in the job thank the person for considering your resume and offer to provide additional information. Last Paragraph include your phone number and when you can be reached Your Cover Letter Sample Your name and contact information Address to the contact person Paragraph identifying position for which you 're Sibyl Reed [Your Address Here) Phone: 917-344-3423 | July 18. 2014 Dear Hiring Manager, applying It is with great enthusiasm that I am submitting my resume and application for the position of administrative assistant as part of KC Gold, Inc. As a seasoned administrative professional with extensive experience in the legal field. I believe I can make a positive contribution to your law firm. My goal is to ensure smooth operation through increasing productivity and organization. Your strengths, skills and I hope that my resume and application demonstrate that I am an exceptional candidate for this position. Specifically, my qualifications include: I have over 10 years of experience as an administrative assistant in the legal field. I know how to setup appointments and contact clients regarding legal matters. Additionally, I handle double-bookings and How your qualifications other calendar issues with great ease. Iam very familiar with legal filings and documentation, and am very meticulous about the documents that I draft. Having served in the legal field, I am also very familiar with the court system Iam a certified public notary, and also possess certifications in criminal and family law. I possess a strong ability to work cooperatively as part of a team, especially in situations of crisis. I qualifications will benefit the arganization communicate clearly and concisely in verbal and written format. • I come from a strong background of leadership and responsibility. I have had experience training new assistant, providing feedback, and assigning roles. I greatly enjoy interacting with people, and have a strong sense of responsibility towards my work. Having had extensive legal experience, I am familiar with the court system as well as legal filings. I believe that my Indication of looking forward to meeting combination of knowledge and experience in the legal sector will be a great benefit to KC Gold. It would be a great honor to be able to put my leadership skills and dedication to work as part of your organization. I look forward to meeting with you at your convenience and further discussing my qualifications for this position. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 917-344-3423 or at Sincerely, Closing remarks Sybil Reed TIPS Less is more this is not your autobiography: keep it well under a page Review your cover letter Don't repeat your resume check it for errors and grammatical correctness, minimize jargon, abbreviations, and contractions use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity, and an interest in the field you are applying to work in Be concise Avoid generic, empty language never use two words when one will do: always strike the word "very" and eliminate the word "that" as much as you can use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity, and an interest in the field you are applying to work in Do not overdo the style elements Don't repeat your resume choose a font that is simple but elegant; avoid uncommon decorative fonts unless you are applying for a job where being quirky is of greater value than being businesslike use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity, and an interest in the field you are applying to work in Sources: made by Infographic Design Services .com

Resume Cover Letter Writing Tips

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Infographic on how to write a resume cover letter. It shows basics about writing a cover letter: what is cover letter, it's structure, sample with explanations, interesting facts amd tips.


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