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Rats Infestation in Malaysia

Rentokil Rat Infestations in Malaysia Rats cause major problems around the world by taking advantage on the environment created by humans. They trail wherever we go, bringing with them a wide range of harmful diseases. The Experts in Pest Control FACTS ABOUT RATS Brown Rat and Roof Rat are the rat species commonly found in Malaysia RM3.2mil were allocated by Ministry of Health to get rid of rats in the country Leptospirosis Cases in Malaysia (Year 2009 - 2012)®) Increase +62% Deadly diseases carried by rats(4) 3665 Increase +15% Increase - Leptospirosis +39% 2268 - Rat Bite Fever 1976 - Salmonellosis - Murine Typhus 1418 - Infected Jaundice 2009 2010 2011 2012 BIOLOGICAL PROFILES AND IDENTIFICATIONS Brown Rat Roof Rat Tail Tail Shorter than body Longer than body and head and head Ears Ears Length : 15-22 cm Small and covered with short furs Large, nearly with no fur Length : 18-25 cm Fur Fur Harsh, shaggy Colour : Greyish Brown Smooth and soft Colour : Blackish Eyes Small Eyes Large and prominent Snout Snout Pointed nose and muzzle Blunt nose Droppings Pointed at both ends and muzzle Droppings Blunt at both ends Length : up to 20 mm Length : up to 12 mm Body Heavy and thick Length : 18-25 cm long Weight : 300-400 gms Body Slender Length : 15-22 cm long Weight : 200-300 gms SIGNS OF RAT INFESTATIONS Rats are nocturnal and prefer to hide from humans. Their common hiding areas are the storeroom, kitchen, backyard, garden, monsoon drain and nearby dumpsite. Your home may be infested with rats if you found the following telltale signs: Nests Rats build nests in warm, Droppings Rat droppings are usually the first clue of rat infestation. It is most commonly found underneath food racks and kitchen sink cabinets. hidden places using shredded material such as fabrics, newspaper and carton boxes. Gnaw Marks Distinctive Odour Rats have long and sharp front teeth (incisors) that grow continuously, hence they tend to gnaw on wood and plastic to keep them trim. Rats leave an urine-like smell that will be particularly strong in enclosed areas such as the kitchen cabinets. Partially Eaten Food Rats will bite open food packages which may leave teeth marks. Sounds Scratching sounds coming from the floor and roof void as rats scurry around at night. PROFESSIONAL RAT CONTROL Most homeowners attempt to eradicate rat infestations on their own. However, home remedy may get rid of the infestation for the time being but may not solve the root cause of the problem. At Rentokil, we have the tools and experience to properly identify rat infestation. Besides that, we also have a team of experts that are specialised in pest biological studies and are certified to provide effective solutions and recommendations, giving you complete peace of mind. Rentokil Sources: (1) Rentokil Pest Control Experts - (2) News Strait Times - leptospirosis-cases-on-the-rise-rahman-1.343218 (3) Ministry of Health Malaysia - 1300 881 911 (4) Centre for Disease Control and Prevention - Copyright 2014 e Rentokil Initial Malaysia. All rights reserved.

Rats Infestation in Malaysia

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Rats cause major problems around the world by taking advantage on the environment created by humans. Learn more about their behavioural biology and sign of infestations, to protect your home and family


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