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Protect Your Best Friend

Protect Your Best Friend Popular Flea, Tick, Heartworm and Intestinal Worm Treatments for your four legged friends Remember to ask your vet about the best treatment and prevention program for your pet! Brand* Manufacturer Active Ingredient Application Controls against From age Duration Stronghold /Revolution Pfizer selamectin 6 weeks 8 weeks 30 days (US) Advantage Bayer imadacloprid 7 weeks 8 weeks 30 days Advantage imadacloprid + Multi/ Bayer 7 weeks 8 weeks 30 days moxidectin Advocate Advantix Bayer imadacloprid 7 weeks 30 days Comfortis Elanco spinosad 14 weeks 14 weeks 30 days praziquantel + parantel pamoate Drontal Bayer 3 weeks 4 weeks 30 days Frontline Merial fipronil 8 weeks 8 weeks 30 days Frontline 8-12 Merial fipronil 2 days 2 days Spray weeks Heartgard Merial ivermectin 6 weeks 6 weeks 30 days Heartgard ivermectin + Merial 7 weeks 7 weeks 31 days Plus parantel Novartis milbemycin oxime + praziquantel Interceptor 2-4 weeks 30 days Kiltix Bayer flumethrin 12 weeks х 5 months Novartis milbemycin oxime + praziquantel MilbeMax 2 weeks 6 weeks 30 days Preventic Virbac amitraz 16 weeks х 2 months milbemycin oxime, praziquantel and Sentinel Novartis 2 weeks 30 days Spectrum lufenuron * Available for dogs Spot on application Treats fleas. Check product for stages. * Not all brands are available in all countries. Available for cats Oral application Prevents ticks. (Dogs only) Harmful to cats Spray application Prevents heartworm. Check product for details. For dogs and cats Wearable collar Prevents certain intestinal worms. Check product for details. (Note: not all products effective against tapeworm.) "Happy pets & Happier owners"

Protect Your Best Friend

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A side by side comparison of the most popular names in flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal worm treatment products - which is right for you?


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