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The Primal Handshake - Perfecting the ancient and vital custom

GETTING A GRIP ON THE Primal Handshake Tips and background for perfecting the ancient and vital custom THIS EQUATION FOR THE PERFECT HANDSHAKE was developed by experts at the University of Manchester Eye contact 1=autistic, 5=serial killer Verbal greeting The takeaways: 1=totally inappropriate, 5=totally appropriate * Use your right hand * Keep your palm cool and dry Keep fingers under the receiving palm * Firm squeeze (but not too firm) * Hold no longer than 2 seconds * Maintain eye contact and smile Duchenne smile (smiling with eyes and mouth, plus symmetry) 1=false smile, 5=totally Duchenne Completeness of grip> 1=limp noodle, 5=can't feel my hand Dryness 1=sweaty balls, 5=super dry Strength The turn-offs: 1=weak sauce, 5=Hercules 1. (38%) Sweaty palm ( their top turn-off) 2. (35%) Loose grip/limp wrist 3. (7%) Gripping too hard 4. (5%) Not making eye contact 5. (4%) Shaking too vigorously 6. (4%) Shaking for too long 7. (2%) Standing too close 8. (2%) Shaking with the left hand 9. (1%) Not maintaining long enough 10. (1%) Hot hands Position 1=back towards own body 5=up in other person's grill Vigor 1=zombie, 5=whoa nelly Temperature 1=ice, 5=sizzling Texture 1=sandpaper, 5=fine silk Control 1=low, 5=control freak On average, people will shake hands 15,000 times in a lifetime. Duration 1=slap game! 5=can I have my hand back? ACTUALLY, BEFORE YOU SHAKE, here's a few modifications for other countries: / Brazil strong eye contact. Firm and longer lasting grip Thailand Don't shake hands! Palms together ahd bow. ............ China Light grip, slight bow, avoid eye contact. Philippines weak grip, keep eye contact. Turkey Firm shakes are rude. France Quick and light. UAE Let the most senior person let go first. HANDSHAKE ORIGINS PREDATE WRITTEN HISTORY Historians theorize that the handshake was a way to assure peace and nonaggression by showing that you weren't carrying a piece. * Practiced in ancient Greece as early as 5th century BC * Extended hands were found in Egyptian hieroglyphics The shaking motion was supposed to dislodge any sharp objects that may have been hiding in the sleeve. THE OLFACTORY PURPOSE OF THE Primal Handshake: (C At its evolutionary origins, handshaking might have also served to convey odor signals, and such signaling may still be a meaningful, albeit subliminal, component of this custom. 92 - Professor Noam Sobel, Weizmann Institute * Basically, handshaking may provide people with a socially acceptable way of communicating via smell, replacing a more obvious sniffing behavior. IN WEIZMANN INSTITUTE STUDIES, SUBJECTS HAD: 2x 2х- Longer time sniffing right hand after handshaking with the experiment moderator. More volume / more airflow inhaled when sniffing hand. Sources: Professor Geoffrey Beattie, Head of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester Professor Noam Sobel, Neurobiology Department Weizmann Institute. Factorialist (e²+ve²)(d²)+(cg+dr)²+rt{(42)(4


The Primal Handshake - Perfecting the ancient and vital custom

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When it comes to making introductions in a professional setting, a handshake is the most common way to greet someone – particularly in Western culture. But like many types of human non-verbal comm...



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