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The Power Of Pets

The Power Of Pets How Pet Culture Can Help Build Your Business IN THE U.S., THAT'S PETS WELCOME! MORE THAN NEARLY 2 IN 3 HOUSEHOLDS 393 MILLION PETS HAS A PET NATIONWIDE Businesses Embrace Pet Culture People Products, Made For Pets! Casper Chaco ROK straps Noticed that customers' dogs loved their new mattresses, Uses the same durable webbing to make sandals for hiking and CREATED STRETCHABLE LEASHES FOR DOGS that like to pull, using the same materials as their stretch cargo straps and ADAPTED THEIR DESIGN MATCHING HANDS FREE INTO A DOG BED LEASHES AND COLLARS LOUIS VUITTON, RALPH LAUREN, & COACH all make high-fashion designs for dogs Pet-Friendly Stores IN Tsc TRACTOR IKEA SUPPLY CO Bass Pro Shops NORDSTROM Doesn't allow dogs in-store – BUT, SOME CELEBRATES "DOG DAYS" EACH SPRING with free pet HAS BEEN HOST ADOPTION EVENTS for local animal rescues and WELCOMING DOGS IN ITS STORES FOR LOCATIONS PROVIDE "DOG PARKING" with astroturf, water, and a tie out to keep dogs safe and comfy while they wait portraits, wellness checks, grooming demos, and more OVER 2 DECADES as long as they're well behaved and leashed offers discount vaccinations and wellness clinics or contained A growing number of retailers are welcoming pets to their stores* *pet policy may vary by location HOME DEPARTMENT STORES CRAFTS APPAREL HARDWARE COSMETICS Abercrombie, Banana Republic, Old Navy LUSH, Sephora Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Macy's, Neiman Container Store Bloomingdales, Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby Ace Hardware, Lowe's, Home Depot Marcus Dollydfbod Offers its own doggy daycare, "Doggywood" to pamper your pet while you enjoy a day at the amusement park Pet + People Hangouts A growing number of restaurants are welcoming pets to their outdoor patios and drive thrus IN 2014, "CAT CAFÉ" -A ACROSS THE U.S., CRAFT SHORT-LIVED POP-UP- BREWERIES ARE INCREASINGLY OPENED IN NEW YORK CITY OPENING THEIR DOORS TO DOGS "Beer and dogs go hand in hand; they're both social things" First cat café in the U.S., hosted by Purina ONE. Featured adoptable cats from a local shelter BETHANY VINTON, Director of DogsOnTap Since, more cat cafés have been showing up across the country Secret Menu Doggie Snacks More than half of Millennials think it's essential to dine with their pet STARBUCKS PUPPUCCINO A small cup filled with whipped cream DAIRY QUEEN'S PUP CUP A dish of vanilla soft-serve, topped with a dog treat IN-N-OUT'S PUP PATTY A plain burger patty with no seasoning or salt SHAKE SHACK'S POOCH-INI Vanilla custard with dog treats and peanut butter Why welcome pets? Showing you value pets as much as they do could unlock a new contingent of loyal customers Love Me Love My Dog When purchasing a product, most Americans consider the company's values 87% BUY 76% BOYCOTT based on values based on values BUT, WHEN COMPANIES SUPPORT ISSUES THEY CARE ABOUT, PEOPLE FEEL MORE 92% 87% 88% POSITIVE TRUSTING LOYAL Americans value their dogs Most Americans consider their pets part of the family HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR DOG OR PET? GEN Z MILLENNIALS GEN X BABY BOOMERS MY CHILD MY "FUR BABY" PART OF MY FAMILY MY BEST FRIEND IN 2018, AMERICANS SPENT $72 BILLION ON THEIR PETS That's Millennials spent even more $1,704 ON AVERAGE $1,300 PER PET PARENT $ 2$ 2$ $ $ 2$ 2$ 2$ $ 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ $ 2$ $ 2$ $ 2$ $ WE'RE WILLING TO SACRIFICE -AND SPLURGE- FOR OUR PETS 3 of 4 Americans would make financial sacrifices for their pets. Pet parents are willing to give up 92% 67% 37% EATING OUT TAKING VACATION SAVING FOR RETIREMENT 76% OF MILLENNIALS-AND 50% OF BOOMERS are more likely to splurge on their pets than themselves How To Show Your Business Is Pet-Friendly After work, sleep and household chores, the average American has just 4.5 hours a day to spend with their pets RATHER THAN GOING OUT, MANY CHOOSE TO STAY HOME WITH THEIR PET WELCOMING PETS MAY ENCOURAGE MORE PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND VISIT YOUR BUSINESS Create A Pet Policy PET POLICIES ENSURE ALL PETS ARE READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE Well behaved with people and other pets Fully vaccinated and in good health CREATE SAFEGUARDS FOR PEOPLE WITH PET ALLERGIES Require all pets to be well-groomed Create pet-free areas within your space REQUIRE PET OWNERS TO ACT RESPONSIBLY AND QUICKLY Clean up accidents appropriately Take pets who act ill or misbehave home MOST AREAS DON'T ALLOW PETS IN SPACES WHERE FOOD IS SERVED Check local regulations before welcoming dogs or other pets SPREAD THE WORD Let potential customers know your doors are open by listing your business in online directories of dog-friendly places Ways To Be Pet-Friendly Allow leashed pets in outdoor spaces like restaurant patios Provide water for dogs that might pass by your stores Create a place for dogs to wait while owners run inside Host dog-themed meetups, pet adoptions, or other special events IF YOU CAN'T WELCOME PETS INTO YOUR OFFICE OR STORES, try showing you care by partnering with local rescues or encouraging employees to volunteer 9 IN 10 COMPANIES find community engagement programs help attract and retain employees 9 IN 10 CONSUMERS think that companies should invest in community causes Is your business ready to welcome pets? 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The Power Of Pets

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