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Plagiarism Lawsuits. Top 10 Most Interesting Cases

Plagiarism Lawsuits Top 10 Most Interesting Cases Accused: The group "Blurred Lines" Accused: Taylor Swift Reason: Reas on: The group was accused of plagiarism by children of Marvin Gaye for the borrowed song with the name "Got to Ğive Up" originally authored by R&B singer Jesse Braham accuses Taylor Swift of using several sentences from his song "Haters Gonna Hate" in her song "Shake It Off". Braham plans to sue $42 million. their father. Result: Result: The group was charged $7.3 million for using plagiarism, The Court rejected the claim. 63% plagiarism Accused: Accused: Ac cused: Ac cused: Joseph Biden Vladimir Putin Karl-Theodor zu Victor Ponta Reas on: Russian President was Guttenberg Reas on: Reas on: Reas on: Senator was guilty in plagiarism in Í988. He did not provide t he correct citations. Joseph Biden admitted that he plagiarized the text in his first work of introductory methodology class. The German Minister of Defense Karl- Theodor zu accused of plagiarism in his Candidate thesis, where he almost "word-to-word" copied the text of the management article written by two professors of the University of Pittsburgh. The Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta was accused of copy- paste plagiarism in 27% of his PhD thesis. He denied the allegations by all means. Guttenberg was alleged in plagiarizing the part approximately of 63% his dissertation. Result: Result: He was immediately dismissed from his high position and lost the Doctorship title. Result: Result: Ministry of Education withdrew the claim and then dissolved the committee that investigated the case, Putin completely ignored any accusations. He was withdrawn from the Presidential Campaign. NEWS Accused: Accused: Accused: Accused: Tsolt Semjen Reas on: Florida Times Reas on: New York Times Reas on: Annette Schavan Reas on: German Minister of Education and Research was accused of plagiarism in her PhD dissertation paper. She used 60 secondary sources without any attribution to the authorship. Result: In 2012 the allegations of plagiarism were faced by the the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. Paper of the Semjen contained 40% of plagiarized content without any citations. Reśult: He lost his PhD degree, but he still occupies the same position at the political arena. In 2004 the Florida Times Jayson Blair, the editor from the New York Times committed intellectual fraud intentionally on a constant basis. He used counterfeit completed the investigation of the editorial content for plagiarism. The investigation board found numerous cases of plagiarism, improper attributions and paraphrasing. Result: facts, photos and ot her things in support of his views. Result: One of the most honored editors, Lloyd Brown, asked to resign from the position of the Florida Times editor. Annette Schavan was The editor was dismissed. resigned from her Minister Position. Her PhD title was revoked. Phi b STOP PlagiarismSearch be pro ud to be authentic II|||

Plagiarism Lawsuits. Top 10 Most Interesting Cases

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The most interesting cases of plagiarism lawsuits are connected with the activity of famous politicians, writers, filmmakers, composers and artists. Many of the famous figures were engaged into the pl...


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