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Pigeon Fever in Horses

PIGEON FEVER Dryland distemper, Equine distemper Pigeon fever is a contagious bacterial infection characterized by deep subcutaneous, external abscesses , and occassionally ulcertative lymphangitis/cellulitis. The disease was initially isolated to the Western parts of the United States and Canada but has progressively spread eastward. SYMPTOMS Abscesses Depression Fever Pectoral region - Lameness Loss of appetite Weight loss Midline of abdomen - Colic CAUSES TREATMENT The infection is caused by Corynebacterium • Call your veterinarian immdiately if you pseudotuberculosi bacteria which lives in the soil and found worldwide. Flies and movement/ suspect that your horse has pigeon fever. • Antibiotics transport of horses are thought to be involved • May need to be surgically drained and flushed daily. with the spread of the disease. References: 1. Reviewed by the Doctors of Tryon Equine Hospital in Columbus, NC. 2. Orsini, J, Divers, T (2014) Equine Emergencies (Fourth Edition), pages 623 - 624 3. Gerken, James. "Pigeon Fever Horse Disease Outbreaks Increase With Drought." The Huffington Post., 17 Apr. 2012. 4. Baggs, Eddie. "Eddie Baggs: Pigeon fever new horse problem in Denton County." Denton News, Sports, Entertainment, Business and Weather. N.p., 15 Jan. 2012 5. Powell, Wayne. "Arkansas Officals Warn of Pigeon Fever Outbreak" KHOZ Local News. N.p., 31 Jan. 2012. 6. Lenz, Thomas. "Pigeon Fever." AQHA:. N.p., 14 June 2013 7. Map obtained from January 3, 2014

Pigeon Fever in Horses

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Pigeon Fever is an infectious bacterial disease of horses which has had recent outbreaks throughout the United States. Get to know what signs to look for and whether your horses might be at risk.






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