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Pet Travel 101

PET TRAVEL 101 Traveling with your pet can seem like a lot of work, especially if you have never done it before. Whether you are driving or flying, make 101 sure you read up on our handy guide. You (and Fido and Mittens) will be happy you did! WHAT TO BRING ON ANY TRIP... FLEA/TICK PREVENTION treatments and other medications your pet might be taking. FOOD AND WATER BOWLS Collapsible food and water bowls (light, leak-proof and long-lasting). UPDATED I.D. TAGS FOR TRAVELING. A PHOTO in case your pet gets lost. These should have information on how to reach you while you are on your trip. PROPER ID Keep collars with proper ID on at all times. Alfa Cool Hi, my name is: TENNIS BALL or a favorite toy for tossing at rest stops. Thunder Paws USING A CARRIER? HEALTH CERTIFICATES Make sure your name, phone number, and e-mail are clearly labeled. Updated health certificates. CLEAN-UP BA GS and/or pooper scoopers. (Make sure your pet is used to a carrier before the trip) TRAVEL TIPS 900 HOME You may want to ask your veterinarian for sedating Before you place your pet in a carrier, attach their collar, leash and harness. (You don't want to risk losing him during a struggle to attach these items at the airport or a rest stop.) Either bring their usual food, or make sure it will be available at your If your pet sleeps with a special bed or bedding, make space for these items so they feel at home. (The scent of home will comfort them.) and/or anti-nausea medications. Make sure you destination. (Just be sure to bring a few meal-sized portions for before you get there.) do a check-up with your vet before the trip as well. WHAT SHOULD BE IN A PET FIRST AID KIT EXTRA ITEMS FOR IN THE CAR... Gauze Pads Gauze Rolls Seat cover Bandages for seats Cotton Swabs Instant Cold Pack Cloth Roll Tweezers Portable litter box (get them used to it before the trip) Thermometer Hydrogen Peroxide LITTER Antibiotic Ointment ++++ purr EXTRA ITEMS: plastic gloves, scissors, mld pet sedatives, eyedroppers, and bottled water. Favorite chew toy or pillow from home GOING ON A PLANE? If you plan to fly with your pet, be sure to contact the airline about its pet policies. Make sure to ask yourself if your pet will be comfortable on the plane. Safety and comfort come first, so when in doubt, drive! NOTE: Airlines require animals to be at Bring copies of current medical Contact the airline to reserve a space least eight weeks old and fully and vaccination records from for your pet as early as possible and weaned before traveling. your vet. reconfirm within 36 hours of departure. Fly direct when possible. To avoid temperature extremes, Feed your pet within four hours of fly at night in the summer and check-in and keep water on hand to Only pets in good health and behavior can fly. during the day in winter months. hydrate them while waiting for boarding. CARRIERS ON PLANES Travel with plastic, not wire carriers, as no part of the animal should protrude from the cage. Be sure the carrier fits the pet. Your pet should be able to stand up and tum. Carriers must have a solid, leak-proof floor, covered with a towel or other absorbent lining in case of accidents. Marriott.

Pet Travel 101

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Many people tend to leave their pets at home when going on a trip just for the fact that it can be a pain to bring Fluffy along. Traveling with your pet can be frustrating if you’re not sure what yo...





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