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Pet-rified- What's your pet scared of?

Pet-rified What's your pet scared of? 17 To understand animal behaviour a little better, we surveyed some expert bloggers with pets to see what weird and wonderful phobias their animal friends have. Here's what they said: ARE SCARED OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. 79% 31% are are freaked out by hairdryers. terrified of vacuums. One poor little pet is even scared of smoke alarms! 34% GAM feel uneasy when there are crackers 41% and balloons around. are spooked by thunder and lightning. 41% are scared of strangers they're obviously very particular about who they spend their time with! SCAREDY CATS When pets come into contact with things they're frightened of: 72% %% of them attack run and hide Pets aren't always scared of things they should be wary of, in fact it can be quite the opposite! 28% 66% of the pets like eating things they shouldn't, like chewing don't bat an eyelid when walking past a busy road. on a good stone! (yes stone, not bone – who'd have thought it!) Strange but true (and very cute!) Here are some of the wacky things the bloggers' pets have taken a liking to: V-I Bra Teddy Bear Rug Makeup brushes Shoes Toy dinosaur Balloons Harry Potter books Rubber bands Plastic bags Feet Cellophane Bran Flakes Bubble wrap Blanket Sponges Buttons Drawstrings Cotton buds Cushions Candles Nail files Boats A Bandana (that they wear) Fat balls for birds Tissues Pants Humans to the Rescue When their of the bloggers While said they find it works best to comfort their 28% canine said they cuddle pets with words – they might speak a different 38% language but it just shows, we all know the universal language of unconditional love! friends are up to them to frightened, calm them down. Sticky Situations One bunny loves his kitty siblings, so tries to follow One cat's obsession with sponges led him to fall into a full tub of them. But his love is unrequited! soapy water! Dogs love their food so much, Accidentally knocking over furniture to get one blogger's dog sometimes forgets to their to chew – uh oh! favourite toy! You never know when your furry friend might take a liking to something dangerous or go to great, hazardous lengths to get their favourite object. That's why it is so important to make sure your cuddly companion is covered with pet insurance so that if they get themselves into any mischief, they can be nursed back to health in no time! TM MoneySupermarket com

Pet-rified- What's your pet scared of?

shared by Moneysupermarket on Mar 20
Taking a look at what our pets are scared of and what items they love too!


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