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Pet Obesity is getting Obesely Ridiculous!

GO BIG OR GO HOME! The Most Overweight Pets of 2012 Take a look at this year's fattest pets, because no one can deny the cuteness of a curvy cat or the radiance of a rotund rabbit. OUR PETS ARE PACKING ON THE POUNDS! 53% of dogs are overweight or obese of cats 55% are overweight or obese that's 88.4 million fat pets! 88,4* *,*** 15% 22% 95% 15% of cat owners think that their overweight cats are normal weight 22% of dog owners think that their overweight dogs are normal weight 95% of pet owners give their pets multiple treats every day A standard dog treat fed to a 20 lb dog is equivalent to a human eating two double-stuffed fudge cookies 1 pig ear fed to a 40 lb dog is like a human drinking a six pack of soda A 10 lb chihuahua is proportional to a human with a 41.5 BMI FAT, FLUFFY FUR BALLS Check out these scale-tipping pets! -Maverick Dexter Long-haired Cat Current weight: 22.5 Ibs Ideal weight: 12 Ibs Shiba Inu Current weight: 48 Ibs Ideal weight: 26.5 lbs 85% overweight 90% overweight Boris Fifi Bottomley- Pig Current weight: 485 Ibs Ideal weight: 200 Ibs Short-haired Cat Current weight: 20.5 lbs Ideal weight: 10 Ibs 143% overweight 107% overweight Meow Jack Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Current weight: 45 lbs Ideal weight: 22 Ibs Orange + White Tabby Current weight: 39 Ibs Ideal weight: 10 lbs 105% overweight 290% overweight Sampson Black Lab Current weight: 187 Ibs Ideal weight: 70 Ibs Ruby Flemish Giant Rabbit Current weight: 25 lbs Ideal weight: 14 lbs 167% overweight 79% overweight Walter Short-haired Cat Current weight: 28 Ibs Ideal weight: 10 Ibs Merlin Border Collie Current weight: 93 Ibs 180% overweight Ideal weight: 44 Ibs 111% overweight SOURCES Nin au http:www.petobesityprevenuon. animals/tilbs-flabby-lab-can-hardly-fit-his-doghousel.TSoBiJJST80 Irnuc3ymjEBi4L30WP46NL uk/pet-health-advicelpdsa-pet-fit-club?utm_sourcencampaigns&utm_medium MEVautm_campaign=MEV181225 uen.comwp-contentluploads/2012/02/APOP- Survey-2011.pdf

Pet Obesity is getting Obesely Ridiculous!

shared by snellis on Nov 13
The Most Overwight Pets of 2012. There are more obese pets then you might think, about 88 milliong more then you think.


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