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Pet Care Myths Debunked

PET CARE ΜΥΤHS IDEBUNKED ΜΥΤΗ ΜΥΤΗ Neutering your dog will stop humping behaviour Cats always land on their feet TRUTH TRUTH Although cats do have incredible balance, they will not always land on their feet. This myth stems from their unique 'righting reflex' which gives them the ability to regain their balance when they fall from heights better than other animals can. This is only true for young animals who have not yet started the habit. If á mature pet has been displaying this habit for a while, it will already be a learned behaviour for them, which is unlikely to be fixed by neutering. MYTH ΜΥΤΗ Dogs eat grass because they enjoy the taste You can't teach an old dog new tricks TRUTH A senior dog or cat will happily learn new tricks and commands, so long as you're offering them sufficient support and motivation. You'll probably be surprised with the speed in which your older pet can pick things up. TRUTH In some cases, if you notice a sudden spike in your dog eating grass, ít could mean that they are dealing with a disease such as mild gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux. Eating grass is their way of self-medicating, so if you notice this behaviour, you should consider taking them to see a vet. MYTH Puppies need more exercise than fully grown dogs as they're more energetic ΜΥΤΗ Dogs wag their tales to show that they're happy TRUTH TRUTH A dog's tail is the most expressive part of their body, but wagging their tail does not necessarily mean that they are happy. This movement can actually suggest a huge variety of emotions, from anxiety, agitation and even aggression. Although puppies are bursting with energy, they actually need less exercise than fully grown dogs. If you over-exercise your puppy you could end up causing damage to their joints which could leave them with early arthritis in later life. ΜΥΤΗ MYTH Animals sometimes limp to Cats purr when they're happy get attention TRUTH Animals learn through association, so unless they've been rewarded with attention for limping before, it is highly unlikely that they're doing it now. The best practice here is to monitor the limping, and if it persists for longer than a day, take them to see the vet. TRUTH Nobody knows with complete certainty the reason why cats purr, but they do know that it's not as simple as just a reaction to happiness. Cats can also purr when they're hungry, stressed, frightened or ill. ΜΥΤΗ ΜΥΤΗ Leaving a dog in the car is okay so long as you've left the window open Dogs can get all the exercise they need running around the garden TRUTH Dogs can't sweat to regulate their body temperature like humans do, therefore it's far more difficult for them to keep themselves cool in hot climates. Even if you leave the windows open, your car will still heat up extremely quickly in hot weather and this could be fatal to your dog. TRUTH Due to the pack animal nature of dogs, they like to be by your side whilst they exercise, therefore letting them out on their own will not be enough to give them the mental stimulation they require. ΜΥΤΗ Cats can share a litter box without ΜΥΤΗ You don't really need to brush your dog's teeth any problem TRUTH TRUTH This is something which is commonly shrugged off as unnecessary, but brushing your dog's teeth can reduce the risk of oral disease, improve gum health, and as a benefit for the owners, it can also fix that terrible dog breath. Cats can often find sharing a litterbox very stressful due to their territorial nature. Not only can they find this frustrating, but sharing a litterbox can also increase their risk of contracting a urinary tract disease. milk milk MYTH ΜΥΤΗ Cats should drink milk If your dog's nose is warm, they are sick TRUTH TRUTH Quite often, cats can actually be lactose intolerant, and drinking milk can leave them with symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea and other problems. The temperature of your dog's nose actually reveals nothing of their heaſth. This is something which will fluctuate constantly throughout the day depending on the environment they're in and what they're up to at the time. helpucover ΜΥΤΗ It's okay to kiss your dog sources TRUTH Although this may sometimes be shrugged off as a matter of personal choice, it is actually possible to come down with some nasty diseases such as salmonella from kissing your dog. Although this is quite unlikely in most cases, those with weaker immune systems should be particularly careful to avoid this habit.

Pet Care Myths Debunked

shared by helpucover on May 03
Over the years many pet care myths have surfaced and evolved to become common guidance for looking after our pets, whereas in reality there is no truth behind them. Taking these rumours for fact could...


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