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Orcas: Wild vs Captive

WILD vs CAPTIVE Lifespan Inspired by the film BLACKFISH Death Rate: 2% /year 2/3 die before reaching 10 years Males AV. Age: 30 yrs in Captivity. (Max 60 yrs) None survive Only 5% Make it to past the average Orcas Females AV. Age: 50 yrs Death Rate (3x Higher 6% /year (Max 90 yrs) 20 years. lifespan. Family Gvoups Blood velatives Autificial Groups Tight Bonds Orcas form strong family Orcas are put together with strangers. They often don't get along or even speak the same language. bonds and Stay together for life. Strangers don't exist. Orcas are moved & Strangers traded like packages. Habitat Home Ranges: 14 - 400m (2 Orca's inhabit this space) Oceans Home Ranges: 100's - 1000's of kms Even the largest tank in the world is only 0.0001 of their normal habitat size. Swim almost 200km in a day Concrete pool Behavigur unatura.. Orcas develop aggression. Humans Aggression rarely seen. Killed Attacks never result in injury. Attacks on orcas & trainers result in serious injury or death. Animals can escape incompatible individuals. Attacking your own calf is almost unthinkable. Animals can't escape attacks. Mothers often reject or attack their calves. Humans Killed Health Good dental health Dispite an abundance of medical care the most common cause of death is infection. Little or no tooth wear. Broken teeth are common Broken teeth are rare. Poor dental health due to obsessive knawing on cage bars & are an entry point for bacteria and viruses. Floy CONCLUSION: Ovcas do NOT belong in captivity! Vegantom What can you do to Help? Avoid tourist attractions that use captive Orcas are/wiki/Captive killer whales /www.barnfreeusa org/facts php?p-2699&more-1 ttp//www.hai org/assets/pdfs/orca white paper pdf htto//www.takepart com/article/2013/07/13/kler-whales-cruel-treatment-in-captivity ttp//theorcaproject wordpress e// /case-againstkillerwhale-oaptivity BLACKFISH htm Smal RJ. and DeMaster. DP. 1995 Survival of five species of captive marine mammals. Marine Mammal Socience Inspired by the film Black

Orcas: Wild vs Captive

shared by flexyvegan on Nov 12
A visual look at the difference between Orcas in the wild verse Orcas in captivity, like the ones in Seaworld. Based on the popular film Blackfish that poses the question: Do Killer whales thrive in captivity?


Lexy Roller


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