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Is My Horse Suffering Heat Stress?

IS MY HORSE SUFFERING HEAT STRESS? Summer is the perfect time to get your horse in peak condition. But as levels of humidity and temperature soar, so do the risks of your horse suffering heat stress. Here's what you need to know to safeguard your horse. THE CAUSE Your horse's muscles generate heat when he's active, and sweating is his body's cooling mechanism. High levels of humidity and temperatures can sometimes make the cooling effect of sweating less efficient. Your horse may become dehydrated, lose electrolytes, or overheat. THE SIGNS PROFUSE SWEATING HIGH RECTAL RAPID HEART RATE TEMPERATURE ANXIOUS BEHAVIOUR ZERO INTEREST IN WATER/FOOD RAPID BREATHING DRY AND HOT SKIN SSS DIFFICULTY MOVING WHAT TO DO HOSE HIM WITH COLD WATER. Hose him down the neck, shoulders, and under the belly area to increase heat transfer. Scrape water off his coat within 30 seconds; don't let him drip dry. ENCOURAGE HIM TO DRINK COOL WATER. Water must be provided at all times. Lightly worked horses can drink 25-60 litres a day while those working in humid conditions can chug 50-70 litres. PROVIDE ELECTROLYTES DAILY. Not only will electrolytes help him recover from the salt that is lost in sweat, it will also help trigger his thirst, making him want to hydrate more willingly. GIVE HIM ACCESS TO COOL BREEZE. Make sure that he has plenty of ventilation. Place fans in barn aisles or in front of stalls, and keep the barn doors and windows open to let the air flow. WEATHER WATCH "F -110 E80 101- 129° F skip stressful activities > 129° F cancel your plans > 90° F 90 - 100° F do normal work proceed with caution WHEN IN DOUBT, CHILL OUT! Help your horse beat the heat. Visit to check out our full range of summer care essentials. Horseland XX

Is My Horse Suffering Heat Stress?

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Horses love summer as it’s the perfect season to run around. However, there is one serious problem you should be aware of for your horse and that’s heat stress. A couple of clear signs he's in tro...




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