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Canada VISIT OR YOU'LL BE SOORY THERE'S MORE TO CANADA THAN HOCKEY, BEER AND MAPLE SYRUP EXPLORE 44 NATIONAL VANCOUVER TORONTO PARKS 250+ 170,000 sO MI PARK LAND MOUNTAIN PEAKS CALGARY WORLD CLASS CITIES AMAZE NIAGARA FALLS OVER 180 FEET TALL, NIAGARA FALLS EJECTS OVER 6 MILLION CUBIC FEET OF WATER PER MINUTE. TOP SKIING DESTINATION: BRITISH COLUMBIA 13 WORLD CLASS SKİ RESORTS, INCLUDING THE NO. 1 SKI RESORȚ IN NORTH AMERICA LONGEST COASTLINE IN THE WORLD CANADA'S COASTLINE SPANS OVER 125,000 MILES, OVER TWICE AS MUCH AS THE NEXT LONGEST COASTLINE SURPRISE Surfing is big In Canada. Tofino, Vancouver Is a popular Canadlan surf spot. Basketball was Invented by Canadlan James Nalsmith In 1891. The world's 1st UFO landing pad was built In St. Paul, Alberta In 1967. YOU MIGHT JUST WANT TO MOVE HERE, EH? 98% PRIMARY SCHOOL ENROLLMENT Canada spends more on education than any other Industrialized nation. CANADA RATED THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE! #1 Every year since 1994, the United Natlons has rated Canada as the best country In the world to live In. 2 OF THE TOP 10 CITIES IN THE WORLD #1 Toronto EXCELLENT LIFE EXPECTANCY Canada has a life expectancy of 81.24, 10 years longer than the global average. #2 Montreal HIGH EMPLOYMENT RATE Canada's employment rate is 72.5% compared to the 68.8% employment rate In the US. SOME OF THE SAFEST CITIES IN THE WORLD Toronto named #8 In the top 10 safest citles In the world. Source http:/ htmltstcanada http://www.touroplacom/best. httng:/www.nlagaralalls.caMiying/about-nlagara-fallsfacts.aspx, http:/www.forbes.oom/pictures/ndi45edi/3-whis- tler-blackoomb-british.columbla, http:/ da-we-bet-you-ddnt-kmow, http:/, http:/www.whoJn- tgho/mortality_burden_disease/fe_tables/situatlon_tronds/en/, https://data.oe odorg/unted-states htm, : http:/ sons-to-come-to-canada-cahtml northAmerican MOVING SERVICES

Move to Canada

shared by carylanne on Jul 19
From world class cities to incredible landmarks, Canada provides those that visit with a wide number of surprises and opportunities. In fact, those that visit may never want to leave! So, go ahead and...




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