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Mountain Gorilla

MOUNTAIN GORILLA Eastern Gorilla CR MEMUCO PUBLIC AROADCAST CO SYSTEM Critically Endangered Gorilla beringei beringei GORILLAS SHARE A COMMON ANCESTRY WITH HUMANS. After chimpanzees, they are our closest living relatives among the world's great apes. Discovered in 1902 almost gone a century later 782 Aproximate number in the wild and 4 in captivity 480 IN VIRUNGA + 302 IN BWINDI + 4 ORPHANED GORILLAS IN SANCTUARY = 786 MOUNTAIN GORILLAS 300 З00 The number of aproximate mature individuals of this subspecies in both subpopulations combined -IUCN Threats HABITAT LOSS One of the most densely populated regions of Africa. Conversion of land for agriculture and competi- tion for limited natural resources such as firewood lead to varying degrees of deforestation. EVERY SQUARE KILOMETRE CONTAINS AN AVERAGE OF OVER 400 PEOPLE A male becomes a silver back when they are about 7-9 years old. The United FEATURES Percent of the population that practice subsistence farming Percent of the population Rely on firewood as main source of energy Nations En- vironmental Programme (UNEP) has recog- nised the urgent need to protect our closest relatives and has es- tablished a Great The mountain gorilla subspe- cies has a particularly long coat to protect them in the high altitudes where they live, which is blue-black to brownish-grey in colour. 90% 95% Gorillas are quadrupedal, walking on the knuckles of their forelimbs anid the soles DISEASE Since Gorillas are like our cousins and we share DNA, oh yes we do! they can get some of our diseases that can be devastating to their populations. A cold can kll a gorilla Ape Survival Project (GRASP). of their feet POACHING To this day, poaching continues to jeopardize the gorillas' survival. Gorillas get caught in snares, which are set to catch antelope, bush pigs and other wildlife but occasionally kill or injure gorillas. Recent events have shown that hunting of moun- tain gorillas in order to capture babies remains a very real threat. OIL & GAS EXPLORATION LOC Virunga mountains, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda European oil and gas companies have been granted exploration consessions in Virunga National Park, home to Democratic Republic of the Congo's mountain gorilla population. While gorilla habitat does not currently fall within an oil concession, development in the park could negatively affect the animals' security. Gorillas were killed in 2007 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF EL CONGO UGANDA AFRICA Biwindi ARMED CONFLICT Virunga The region's ongoing conflict and civil unrest are an ever-present risk, illegal mining in DRC has had a devastating effect on wildlife. Conservation work is difficult in the DRC's protected areas, which are now in rebel-held territory. RWANDA Lake Кми Sources: IUCN, WwF, ARKIVE, International Gorilla Conservation Programme :(

Mountain Gorilla

shared by memuco on Jun 04
part of my personal graphics on endangered animals, the mountain gorilla faces some tough times since disease is wreaking havoc and military actions in it's home


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