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The Most Unusual Household Pets

The Most Unusual HOUSEHOLD PETS Exotic pets are becoming more popular in the UK as they offer a different kind of experience to mainstream animals, such as cats and dogs. Here's a look at some of the most unusual and alternative pet options: TARANTULA These creepy crawlies are relatively easy to look after and require a terrarium to keep them contained so they don't run free round your home! Average Life Span up to 30 years Colours. brown, black, hints of orange - Weight 28 - 85g Diet . insects, frogs, toads and mice • Size 12cm long; leg span up to 28cm Tarantula Facts Their bite is not fatal to humans Their venom is weaker than a bee's In their natural environment they live in the ground Females sometimes eat their male counterparts Periodically they will shed their external skeletons CHAMELEON Popular exotic pets in the UK, the chameleon comes in a range of shapes and sizes and many species have the ability to change colour. Average Life Span 3-10 years (dependent on species) Colours . has the ability to morph colours Weight 90 - 200g Diet Size leaves, crickets, insects (larger chameleons - small lizards and young birds) 25cm - 45cm Chameleon Facts 360° Their eyes have a 360-degree arc of vision They can see in both directions at the same time Most chameleons change from brown to green Nearly half of the world's species live in Madagascar Chameleon eggs take 4-12 months to hatch AXOLOTL This unusual pet, also known as a Mexican salamander or "walking fish", is an amphibian that looks like it has a permanent smile on its face. Colours • 5 variations - olive green, grey, brown, black and golden Average Life Span up to 15 years (ten on average) Diet Weight 125 - 180g worms, insects, small fish, crickets, bloodworms Size 25cm - 45cm Axolotl Facts They also breed during this phase in the same condition Axolotls can They live their have no eyelids whole life cycle in the larval These animals Females can release 300 - 1100 eggs per spawning regrow limbs, tails and even their heart and stage brain cells CHINCHILLA A soft-furred rodent that originates from South America, Chinchillas are athletic prey animals that can jump over six feet. Weight • 400g - 600g - Average Life Span 10-20 years Size 25cm - 35cm (tail also 12cm - 15cm) Colours. black, grey, beige, white Diet leaves, bark, seeds, grass and hay Chinchillas Facts When chinchillas are scared they release tufts of hair In the wild they live in colonies of 100 plus Their hearing range is similar to humans These animals are nocturnal and sleep during the day Chinchillas can also sleep upside down ABOUT THE AUTHOR GJW Timuss is a leading online pet supplies store offering a wide range of pet products, foods, toys and accessories. View the GJW Titmuss website: or alternatively visit our friendly team in store: Unit 1, Hearle Way, Hatfield, AL10 9EW. GJW TITMUSSE REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. Ambystoma_mexicanum.htm 5.

The Most Unusual Household Pets

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Take a look at some of the most unusual household pets that you can own in the very latest GJW Titmuss Infographic.


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