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Most Interesting Things You Need To Know About Amazon

MOST INTERESTING THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT amazon amazon Amazon's current logo depicts a smile that stretches from A to Z. It signifies that the company is ready to deliver anything and everything to anyone, anywhere in the world. Canada UK Netherlands Germany Ireland France China Spain Japan US Italy HEADQUARTER Mexico India Seattle, Washington Brazil Australia Separate retail websites for United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy. Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico. uid Concepts and Creative Analogies Amazon sold its first book to John Wainwright who purchased Fluid Concepts And Creative Amazon provides employment to Analogies: Computer Models Of 230,800 people, sbedefghffkl, The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought by Douglas Hofstadter for $27.95. Douglas Hoßstadier which includes both full time and part time employees. In 1999 Amazon ordered 10l acres of wrapping paper and 2494 miles of red ribbon to cater to the holiday season sale rush. The site attracted Amazon employs more than orders worth more than $12000 15000 robots to help its warehouse within one week of employees to retrieve items its launch. AMAZON GROWTH $107 Figures in $ billion $89 $74.5 $611 $48.1 $34.2 $24.5 $19.2 14.84 $6.9 $8.5 $10.7 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 TOP 10 AMAZON ACQUISITIONS Figures in $ million online shoes Zappos $1,200 2009 como video platform for video games twitch 2014 $970 warehouse robot systems 2012 $775 KIVA Systems. online book marketplace 1999 $645 Exenange. com online retailer uidsi $545 2010 streaming video on demand provider LOVEFİLM $312 2011 spoken audio entertainment and information company audible $300 2008 an amazon company a database company amazon a Alexa $250 1999 online community goodreads 2013 $150 internet retailer woot! 2010 $110 AMAZON NETWORK amazon fresh amazonkindle amazonbasics "יד E== amazonMP3 amazonstudios amazon 三 ー = amazon cloud player amazon clóud drive amazonlocal amazon webservices" amazonhome services amazon A9 instant video And more.. 5 AWESOMENESS BY AMAZON Amazon Dash Button 1 When the product runs low the user just has to push the button and Amazon sends the item to the user's doorstep. INTRODUCING amazon dash BUTTON Amazon Fresh amazon fresh Amazon Fresh is an online grocery shopping service that allows customers from certain geographic markets to place orders for amazon Ofresh grocery from the company's huge inventory of fresh food. Amazon Fire TV It is a digital media player that streams audio and video amazon fireTV content from the internet and displays it on high definition TV. Amazon Fire Phone amazon 4 fire The phone operates on Fire OS and is packed with PHONE a host of unique and innovative features. Amazon Prime Air 5. Deliver packages to the customers within 30 minutes of ordering by using small drones. amazon Prime Air Amazon New Marketplaces Introduced in 2015 amazon Handmade at Amazon A new online store that sells genuine handmade products created and sold directly from artisans. Amazon Home Services It allows Amazon customers to browse, purchase, and schedule hundreds of professional services directly on the site. Amazon Business An online marketplace that gives sellers the prospect to increase their sales by reaching business customers. Amazon Exclusives A new store that provides customers access to innovative new products that are developed by more than a hundred emerging brands, Offered Exclusively on Amazon. INTERESTING FACTS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT AMAZON Amazon's cloud platform is big enough to hold 10 amazon 80 books min for every person on earth Amazon's fastest order delivery took place On an average one amazon when it delivered a four-pack of Starbucks new book is added to vanilla Frappuccino to a customer in Miami in Amazon's site less than 10 minutes every five minutes Amazon gains annual revenue of $5.25 billion Amazon holds the patent for one-click ordering One out of every ten US citizen is a member of the from book sales, which is 7% of its annual income which it licenses to Apple Amazon Prime service Every employee at Amazon has to spend two days every year Amazon Kindle was launched in November 2007 and within 6 hours it sold out completely. amazon working at the customer kindle service desk, including Interestingly, it remained sold out until May 2008 the CEO In 2014, amazon Amazon ships v'ebsite Down Amazon's site was down for 49 35 items every second minutes and the company missed sales of nearly $4.8 million AMAZING AMAZON STATISTICS About Amazon has 65% 304 million of Amazon's traffic are females active customer accounts Amazon receives an amazon average of Average amount that an Amazon Prime member 4310 spends on is unique visitors per minute $1500 per year FREE Average amount that a non-Prime member spends Amazon Prime members have free access to more on is than $625 per year 1,000,000 ebooks Prime More than three million customers joined Amazon Prime in the third week of December 2015 %3D 70% Amazon sold 489.5 million of sales on Amazon were generated through mobile devices products in the fourth quarter during the holiday season in 2015 of 2015 Amazon had more than amazon 30 million clothing items available on its site as on Dec 31 2015 2$ $1.54 billion Amazon's share of 2015 Black Outbound shipping cost Friday ecommerce sales is amaz of Amazon is 35.7% HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON amazon amazon Register Select an appropriate selling plan Professional Seller or Individual Seller Create a new Amazon Seller's Account by registering on the site Individual seller requires no fee Professional seller requires fee 3 amazon amazon Provide complete seller information, Verify your account through phone such as name, address and other and by following the instructions necessary details amazon Once verification is done you are ready to start 5 Verification is complete! selling on UNBOXING DEALS Source: // Amazon // Catchnews // Wikipedia // // Statista // // http://bitly/1UW4KDH MSN // Cnet // http:/// Financialpost // Pymnts // http://bitly/1UW4MLN // // // http://bitly/1LT7JLB Theverge // // // // // // Bloggersideas// // Encyclopedia // // // // // // // Slideshare // //

Most Interesting Things You Need To Know About Amazon

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