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Most Expensive Dog Breeds Infographic

S$$$ MOST EXPENSIVE DOG BREEDS According to a recent article in the New York Times, Americans spent nearly $56 billion on pets in 2013, a number that is only expected to increase in the future. Dogs are among the most beloved of pets, though caring for them can cost a pretty penny. In financial terms, however, not all dogs are created equal. We took a look at the cost of purchasing pets and insuring them to determine which dog breeds are the most costly- so take a look at our picks for the top ten most expensive dog breeds to see if your pup is pricey or practical! 10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ($1200-$14000) $$$$$ This regal breed has been popular for centuri part, to King Charles II for whom the breed was named. Purchasing these dogs can be quite costly, and their predisposition to cardiomyopathy and mitral valve disease can run up your vet bill to the tune of anywhere between $500 and $3500. due in Cots aside, these even-tempered pooches make great companions and superb family dogs. Medical costs can also be reduced with the proper care to ensure that your pet's health costs stay at a minimum. 9. Pharaoh Hound ($2500-$6500) $$$$s This regal breed is known for its speed and grace, making it an excellent dog for competing or hunting. This unique hound is almost always expensive to purchase as you might expect from its exotic name. These large dogs require an active lifestyle and is costly to maintain healthy joints and proper nutrition. 24 The dogs are one of the oldest domesticated breeds in history, with origins thought to extend back to Ancient Egypt, in 3000 B.C. 8. Akita C$1500-$4500) $$sss These Japanese dogs are known for their unyielding loyalty as well as their impressive intellect. Their exotic nature can be relatively expensive to purchase. Due to both to their independent nature and their large size, they can also be costly to ensure. Caring for their joints can prove to be quite the burden. If you're seeking a large dog that does well with families, the Akita's loyalty and intellect is worth every penny! 7. Tibetan Mastiff $$$ss C$2200-$7000) Another large dog breed, Tibetan Mastiffs can be quite costly to acquire. Unlike Akitas, however, their joints tend to stay a bit healthier such that the cost of insuring them remains relatively low. These dogs feature a thick coat and were originally bred as guard dogs. Bred as guard dogs to protect livestock, villages, and palaces in East Asia from a variety of dangerous predators. This background results in a clever, intelligent dog that can be stubborn at times- but that is loyal and fastidious when properly trained. 6. Löwchen ($5000-$8000) aa« $$$ss 24 The Löwchen is a dog that tends to steal your heart; but your heart isn't the only thing this breed will cost you, this little pup can cost big bucks! Unfortunately, their fur can become matted quite easily and requires tireless grooming. The regal breed is also known to be quite posh, demanding constant pampering. The breed's name, which means "Little Lion" in German, is a testament both to its bravery and its mane-like fur. But if you're willing to shell out and spoil your pup, this breed can provide plenty of love to make it all worthwhile. 5. Rottweiler ($2000-$8000) $$$sss Unfortunately, their large size and aggression makes them quite costly to insure, indicating the risk associated with caring for these dogs. Purchasing a Rottweiler can also cost a significant amount of money, so it you're going to acquire one of these precious pooches- it's best to look for a rescue! 24 Rottweilers are yet another breed known for their strength and intelligence. These dogs were once popular work dogs that were used for a variety of diverse tasks including herding, therapy, and other forms of service. 4. English Bulldog C$2500-$9000) $$$ss S$SSS In addition to the surprising cost to purchase an English Bulldog, caring for one can prove to be equally expensive. English Bulldogs are at-risk for pulmonic stenosis, gastric dilation volvulus, and elbow displaysia, each of which can cost upwards of $1000 to treat. If the English Bulldog's placement on the American Kennel Club's list of popular dog breeds in the United States is any indication, people are more than willing to pay the price to procure these pleasant pups. 3. Samoyed $$$$s ($4000-$11000) Samoyeds were bred to sled! Though this beautiful breed's exotic background might make it pricey to purchase, caring for a Samoyed can be done frugally when compared to other large and aggressive dog breeds. This delightful dog breed is known for its jolly demeanor. They are known for their unique smile and make great family dogs with plenty of practical uses for herding, sledding, hiking and more. 2. German Shepherds ($3000-$24000), 24 One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, they is known for their valor and intellect. Often serving as police dogs, this breed can be quite costly to purchase. The popularity of this breed is waning recently, however, likely due to the exorbitant price of acquiring one and extravagant rate for insuring them. Often serving as police dogs, this breed has also served on the front lines of the United States army, with one famous pooch working with Seal Team Six to take down Osama Bin Laden. 1. Chow Chow S$$SsS ($3000-$8500) This Arctic breed requires ample room in your budget to attain and maintain. As an exotic, chows can be expensive to purchase and even more costly to insure. These dogs are prone to a variety of ailments that can be quite costly, including joint problems, cataracts, and diabetes. 24 Chow Chows are yet another breed that was meant to be a working dog. The dogs aren't known to be particularly friendly family animals, but are known for their extreme loyalty to a particular individual.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds Infographic

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Owning a dog can be quite expensive, and the price can vary a lot by breed! Check out our list of top 10 most expensive dog breeds, and make sure you set aside a big budget!




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