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Most Common Health Problems in Pets

–°OMMON HEAL+H PROBLEMS IN ANIMALS EAR INFECTION DOG Swelling + infection in the middle ear HOW YOU CAN HELP SYMPTOMS 1 Clean the ear using an ear rinse solution which you can pick up from most pet stores or vets. Excessive shaking/ Odour from Brown, yellow or tilting of the head the ear bloody discharge Pour the solution into the ear and massage the ear with a cotton ball. The ear will be sore WARNING! so make sure that the solution is a mild one. Be careful not to push the cotton ball too far into the ear. This could damage your dog's eardrum. VOMITING CAT Forceful ejection of stomach contents SYMPTOMS HOW YOU CAN HELP 1 There are so many possible causes of vomiting in cats that it's recommended to wait 24 hours before seeking help from a vet. Restlessness Heaving Excessive drooling/swallowing During this time, it's important to ensure that your cat has access to plenty of water. WARNING! Symptoms of this must be distinguished from regurgitation. Regurgitation is the expulsion of food Vomiting more than 4 times per hour or 8 times with very little abdominal effort and no nausea. in 24 hours indicates an emergency. GASTROINTESTINAL RABBIT STASIS The slowdown of the intestine HOW YOU CAN HELP SYMPTOMS 1 As a rabbit's metabolism needs to be constantly working to keep them alive, this can be very serious. Loss of appetite Lethargy Malformed/no faecal pellets 2 Check teeth for overgrowth WARNING! and diet - feed plenty of leafy vegetables and hay. you this has happened, it's important to see a vet as quickly as possible, they will most likely administer a motility drug to encourage movement in the digestive system. WET TAIL HAMSTER A bacterial infection, particularly common in young hamsters SYMPTOMS HOW YOU CAN HELP 1 If you notice these symptoms on your hamster, it should be treated urgently as this infection can lead to death. Diarrhoea Dehydration Apathetic behaviour The vet will usually give antibiotics and may need to give fluids. WHITE SPOT DISEASE GOLDFISH A highly contagious parasitic disease HOW YOU CAN HELP SYMPTOMS 1 The first step when dealing with this disease is to remove the infected fish from its tank before the infection spreads. White granular spots on Once you have done this you scales and fins, similar to salt should clean out the bottom of the tank and increase the water temperature of its tank to anywhere between 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. Add some chemical white spot WARNING! treatment to the water and follow the given instructions. Continue this treatment for a Never buy fish from a tank where any fish week or until you're sure all displays symptoms of white spot disease. parasites have been removed. STRESS Mental or emotional strain LIZARD resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances SYMPTOMS HOW YOU CAN HELP 1 It's important to ensure that the basic elements of the lizard's habitat are correct in order to guarantee these factors aren't worsening its condition. Loss of appetite Shedding of skin Shedding of tail 2 Ensure it has the right level of humidity and lighting, proper heating and thermal gradients, appropriate food and a regularly cleaned enclosure. MEGABACTERIOSIS PARROT Bacterial infection that causes fatal weight loss HOW YOU CAN HELP SYMPTOMS 1 The best way to prevent this illness is to utilise appropriate sanitary practices in food preparation and the aviary. Always opt for enclosed aviaries. Rapid Blood in faeces weight loss Reduced exposure to other birds is an effective way to Weight loss is usually the cause of death from this disease as it's a 'wasting' illness. Therefore, it's important to prevent the passing of this disease. pay close attention to your parrot's weight. APLASTIC ANAEMIA Deficiency of all types FERRET of blood cell due to failed bone marrow development SYMPTOMS HOW YOU CAN HELP 1 If you notice any of these symptoms, a vet should be contacted immediately. A swollen vulva Loss of appetite Hair loss with females The development of this condition can be prevented by This disease is most common in unspayed spaying. Transfusions may be and non-breeding females due to offered if the case is severe naturally occurring persistent oestrus. prior to treatment by spaying. SCURVY GUINEA PIG A disease caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C HOW YOU CAN HELP SYMPTOMS 1 Guinea pigs lack the ability to produce their own Vitamin C, so it must be absorbed directly through the food they eat. Lethargy Difficulty moving Weight loss Ensure you are feeding your guinea pig Vitamin C rich foods, such as leafy green vegetables or citrus fruits. PYRAMIDING TORTOISE A form of shell deformity SYMPTOMS HOW YOU CAN HELP Many believe one of the main causes of this sensation is a lack of humidity. It's important to buy some form of humidifier for your tortoise's enclosure. Pyramid-shaped ridges on shell It's important to ensure that your tortoise has a variety of environmental conditions - a box, stones etc. Pyramiding describes the horizontal raising of a Another essential prevention tortoise's scutes which leaves their shells covered method is to make sure your in pyramid shaped ridges, rather than the smooth tortoise is getting enough and domed shell they should have. The exact calcium in their diet. Try feeding cause(s) of this condition has not yet been proven. them calcium-rich foods such as spinach leaves. SOURCES + REFERENCES helpucover

Most Common Health Problems in Pets

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When it comes to our pets we all understand how important it is to make sure we take care of them. So we decided to create a guide to The Most Common Health Problems in Animals, to explain some of the...


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