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Mitchkoi - Japanese vs Israeli Koi

JAPANESEVvs ISRAELI KOI THIS WEEK, WE UNCOVER THE BENEFITS OF ISRAELI VS JAPANESE KOI & WHICH YOU SHOULD CHOOSE #1kof BROODSTOCK THE BEST KOI It's true that the best koi in the world come from Japan. They also stay there. The quality difference of Japanese koi imported into the UK compared to the quality of Israeli koi is not as great as some would have you believe. IN THE WORLD ISRAEL EXPORT All of the koi bred in Israel have Japanese parent's and a Japanese bloodline. 80% OF THE UK KOI MARKET During our recent buying trip to Israel, we were lucky enough to look at some 30"+ broodstock (breeding stock) Naturally we assumed they were Japanese, due to the size and quality. However, the breeder informed us that they were actually Israeli koi bred at the farm from spawn 5 years ago. They were swimming around with Japanese koi & you couldn't tell the difference! SHIPPING FROM JAPAN 7X CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE MORE THAN ISRAEL KOI HERPES VIRUS KHV IS A TEMPERATURE TRIGGERED DISEASE THAT AFFECTS ALL OCARP. IT CAN BE DEADLY TO NAIVE KOI. ISRAEL SPENDS THOUSANDS Japanese or Israeli? Which shouldIchoose? We would never recommend buying a koi carp based only on it's origin. You should be selecting based primarily on what you like. Remember, the koi goes into YOUR pond and it is YOU whom will get the enjoyment from it, not another knowledgable or not so knowledgable hobbiest. OF POUNDS ON THE KV3 VACCINE TO IMMUNISE THEIR KOI EVERY YEAR. Koi from Israel are vaccinated against KHV, the only country in the world to protect our fish from the Koi Herpes Virus. This makes them the safest koi in the world, being hardy and well suited to 99% of ponds without worry. BUY THE SAFEST KOI IN THE WORLD AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT KHV! How about mixing Japanese and Israeli koi carp? Many do so each and every year without any problems whatsoever. Yes, the koi snobs out there may disagree, but mixing has and does work, so if you want both origins, and even English fish too, they can all share the same water safely. The winner's of the shows! Many of our customer's enter our Israeli koi carp into shows here in the UK, either as part of a local competition or as part of their koi club. Many have reported that their Israeli fish have won the show. This is great news and also an indicator to the quality of the Israeli koi. As Israeli koi are immunised, they are hardier to general infections too. This means they do not suffer from new pond syndrome the same as other koi, and tend to be stronger and healthier all round. They have a shorter plane journey than there Japanese counterparts, which can only be a plus. Many of our koi after transit are up and feeding within 5 minutes. We never had this when we used to buy our koi from Japan. Some didn't tell the show judges they were Israeli koi, and they won the show, proving that to most you cannot tell the two origins apart. The stigma attatched when buying immunised koi is now smaller than ever. Due to the volumne of Israeli koi carp in the UK, we can only see this attitude improving. But aren't Japanese koi better? Yes, it is true that the best koi in the world are bred in Japan. However, don't forget that they also stay there. The market for Japanese koi in the UK is largly based on Nisai, or smaller koi, that very rarely justify the high price tag attatched. Don't forget, bad koi can be bred anywhere. Just because a koi carries a Japanese tag, doesn't make it a quality fish. Unless you are in the top 10% who want to spend £1000's on your koi, the difference between buying an Israeli koi carp and a Japanese one is minimal. Massive improvements The value for money that the Israeli koi carp offer means that even harderned Japanese buyer's are now turning to Mitchkoi for their fish. Simply put, why pay more for less? The quality and price when directly compared to Japanese fish is too strong, and many have simply had to switch. Only you can decide whether Japanese or Israeli koi carp are for you, but hopefully this guide has made it clearer for you! The quality of Israeli koi has improved massively in the past decade, with the Farms investing thousands into new brood stock from Japan, to improve new varieties, as well as their own broodstock from Israel. The body shape & colour of many of the varieties is now unrecognisable compared to Israeli koi in the past. Thanks for reading... MITCHKOI ARE THE UK'S LEADING ONLINE KOI CARP BRAND. Choice isn't a strong point from a Japanese dealer's point of view, who mainly deal with Go-Sanke; Kohaku, Sanke & Showa. If you look at the wealth of varieties we offer from Israel, you can see the selection is far more than just three varieties. We believe the Kumonryu for example, from Israel to be far superior to any other Kumonryu out there, regardless of origin. The mono fish are as good as anything produced in Japan. HUNDREDS OF QUALITY KOI DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR AT THE BEST ONLINE PRICES. @MITCHKOI f MITCHKOIONLINEUK COSTS

Mitchkoi - Japanese vs Israeli Koi

shared by mitchkoi on Feb 22
The UK's #1 Online Koi Supplier - We look at the pro's and con's of Japanese Koi Carp vs Israeli Koi Carp...







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