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Mindfulness of Breathing

benefits of Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts Breathing Our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath mind + body + breath are intimately connected and can influence each other. Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness can be a valuable tool in helping to restore balance in the mind and body. physical and mental benefits Decrease anxiety and depression. Reduce impulsivity, cravings & addictions. Improve trauma symptoms. Improve sleep. Increase happiness and optimism. Strengthen our ability to regulate Decrease stress & regulate our body's level of cortisol: the Strengthen our immunity by altering genes responsible for stronger immunity. Reduce pain and activation of pain centers in the brain. emotions. stress hormone. Mindfulness of Breathing Uses the breath as an object of concen- tration. By focusing on the breath you become aware of the mind's tendency to jump from one thing to another. Beginners: use counting to stay focused on the breath. After the out-breath you count one, then you breathe in and out and count two, and so on up to ten, and then you start again at one. It is a way to develop mindfulness, the faculty of alert and sensitive Experienced: the focus of concentration narrows and sharpens, so you pay attention to the subtle sensation on the tip of the nose where the breathfirst enters and last leaves the body. awareness. For the benefit of all at the expense of none

Mindfulness of Breathing

shared by gladysbatenga on Nov 13
"Breathing is the bridge that connects life to consciousness and unites your body to your thoughts."


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