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memuco scalloped v 3.0

SCALLOPED HAMMERHEAD EN Endangered Sphyrna lewini • Their fins are more highly valued than other species because of their high fin ray count, leading to increased targeting of this species. • Also victims of: Long line, bycatch and trawlers • Hunted as game-fish Length: 370cm (Common length) 430 cm (maximum lenght) No wonder they have the sad face memucd Length at birth: 43 – 55 cm Maximum weight: 152 kg 50-90% 1.3-2.7m Brownish-gray to bronze or olive on the top of body with a pale yellow or white underside. Decline in some areas studied Million scalloped hammerheads are represented in the shark trade each year Juveniles have dark pectoral, lower caudal and second dorsal fin tips They Form large schools, female scalloped hammerheads gather in the Gulf of California during the day, around underwater mountains known as seamounts Juvenile scalloped hammerheads also tend to live in large schools, adults usually occur singly, in pairs, or in small groups Nobody really knows why they do this behaviour (I think it's just for gossip) LEARN YOU HAMMERS Difference between a great hammerhead, scalloped and a smooth hammerhead according to me Great hammerhead has Scalloped bumbpy head going down Smooth rounded middle basically a straight line (compared to the other two) part CO hfographic by: Source: IUCN, ARKIVE, WILDAID, Florida Museum of Natural History, oceana, save our oceans,sharkalliance, ocearic defense

memuco scalloped v 3.0

shared by memuco on Jul 20
New bigger version of the earlier one with more research done. Transalted one in Chinese with the help of congratulafins a group that tries to persuade newly weds not to eat the sharkfin soup


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