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Make the Humane Choice: Think Adoption First

make the humane choice: think adoption first hard-to-ignore reasons to adopt your next pet There are a number of reasons adoption is a smart, rewarding and responsible way to welcome a new pet into your home. 1 you'll save a life And that's huge. Each adoption means one less pet subjected to euthanization. Plus, the pet you adopt will free up space for a shelter to rescue another animal. 2 you'll save money The adoption fee is normally far less than you would pay a breeder or pet store and often includes initial vaccinations and spaying or neutering. 3 your pet may have some training Many shelter pets are already housebroken and some shelter pets already know simple cues such as sit and stay. 4 you'll have plenty of choices Shelters take in pets of all ages, breeds, energy levels and temperaments. Many shelters have purebreds as well. you may positively influence other pet parents Your support for animal adoption may encourage friends and family to do the same. Sources: UVAF1Q Adopt-Rather-Than-Buy-/ where we get our pets family member, friend or neighbor 2% 1% animal shelter 4% breeder 7% found animal 14% as stray 42% pet store 15% other 15% local animal rescue group not sure *This data is for the U.S. only. Source: how to acquaint your new pet to you and your home enjoy your new pet but give them time to explore and adjust. Pets like routine, but yours will be new to them. learn how to GOOD communicate with JOBI your new pet and observe how they try to communicate with you. Consider a training class to expand your knowledge and grow together. exercise is important- enjoy a morning walk or run together. Playtime is also important and helps build a bond between you and your pet. create a safe environment for your pet to rest and relax. Provide them with healthy treats and toys, which stimulate their minds. make new friends for you and your pet. Set up play dates or take your pet to doggy daycare. pets make great companions for kids and adults alike. Rather than wait for children to grow up before you adopt, consider the benefits of kids growing up with pets. BROUGHT TO YOU BY DESIGNED BY petco GHERGICH&Co.

Make the Humane Choice: Think Adoption First

shared by Ghergich on Aug 21
There’s nothing quite like hearing the pitter patter of puppy feet or kitty paws down the hallway. Pets are always a fantastic family member, offering love, joy, and comfort in times of need. commun...




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