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Maintaining Tile and Grout Between Professional Cleanings

MAINTAINING TILE GROUT AND BETWEEN PROFESSIONAL CLEANINGS STAIN REMOVAL The longer a stain stays on tile, the harder it will be to remove Try to deal with stains as soon as you can to prevent them from sticking around Use a paste of scouring powder and warm water on the stain Be sure to use a soft brush so that you don't risk scratching your tile WARM WATER & SCOURING POWDER MOLD AND MILDEW Tile and grout are often located in damp areas such as bathrooms Use an exhaust fan when you are showering to help prevent mold growth OPEN A WINDOW Open a window after your shower to encourage air flow in the room Use a cleaning solution of water and ammonia if you see mold growing GROUT MAINTENANCE Some dirt and grime can only be removed by the professionals If you see small grout stains, you can use a pencil eraser to help remove them A paste of baking soda and water can help freshen the look of your grout PENCIL ERASER Regular grout cleaning will help it look good in between professional cleanings SHOWER PRODUCTS The products you use to get clean could be making your shower dirtier LOOK FOR DYE-FREE Soaps, gels, and shampoos with dyes or coloring can discolor your tile and grout Look for products that are natural, without dyes or other additives Dyes and coloring can be bad for your health as well as your tile SEALING Sealing tile and grout provides an extra layer of protection Stains will have a harder time clinging to your tile when it is sealed Sealing grout helps keep it water resistant, which helps prevent mildew SEAL Try sealing your tile and grout at least once a year, depending on usage Provided by: Service DEPOT WWW.SERVICEDEPOTONLINE.COM Sources:

Maintaining Tile and Grout Between Professional Cleanings

shared by BrittSE on Apr 27
Simple materials like baking soda and water can be used to quickly freshen up your grout and maintain your tile floor. Pick up more maintenance tips by looking through this infographic.


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