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Lifespans of the Animal Kingdom

LIFESPANS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM Mammals Reptiles + Amphibians Insects Aquatic Birds MAYFLY Hours - 1 week INDIAN MEAL MOTH 5-13 days RED VELVET ANT 2 weeks HONEY BEE 4 weeks MOSQUITO 1-3 months DRAGONFLY 4 months ELEPHANT SHREW 1.5 years DUMBO OCTOPUS 3 years TUFTED DEER 7 years OPOSSUM 8 years PRONGHORN 11 years COTTON TAIL RABBIT 12 years DOG 13 years RING-TAILED LEMUR 14 years ARMADILLO 15 years CAT 15 years RED PANDA 20 years LION 20 years HONEY BADGER 24 years TIGER 25 years GIRAFFE 28 years HORSE 30 years NAKED MOLE RAT 31 years RHINOCEROS 40 years CHIMPANZEE 50 years TUTARA LIZARD 60 years HUMAN (MALE) 68.2 years The oldest known man, Jiroemon Kimura lived to 116! HUMAN (FEMALE) 73.2 years The oldest known woman, Jeanne Louise Calment lived to 122! INDIAN ELEPHANT 70 years KILLER WHALE (ORCA) 90 years CONDOR VULTURE 100 years JAPANESE SPIDER CRAB 100 years GIANT TORTOISE 150 years BOWHEAD WHALE 200 years RED SEA URCHIN 200 years OCEAN QUAHOG CLAM 410 years IMMORTAL JELLYFISH The oldest recorded Ocean Forever Quahog was 507 years old! Immortal Jellyfish transform themselves from an adult back into a baby through a process known as transdifferentiation. DISCLAIMER These average lifespans are based on animals kept in captivity. helpucover SOURCES + REFERENCES

Lifespans of the Animal Kingdom

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The animal kingdom offers a cornucopia of evolution that’s so diverse and wide spread that makes it’s hard to imagine humans being able to identify every species. With all the diversity that comes...


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