The Life of the Mobile Phone

The Life MOBILE of PHONE the 1921 Police cars in America started using car-to-car radios, laying the foundations for the first mobile phones. 1940 Radios become mobile and their use became more common, particularly among government agencies and the upper classes. 1945 The first mobile phone service was established; MO. This didn't work effectively and thus didn't last - but it was a benchmark in the history of the mobile phone. 1956 The first successful attempt at a car phone service, after a failed attempt in 1947. 1973 The first mobile phone is invented by Dr. Martin Cooper and tried - this is the first that wasn't powered by a car and he became the first person to make a call on a mobile phone. Dr. Cooper later confessed that the design for the first mobile phone was inspired by the communicators seen on Star Trek. 1983 The mobile phone technology that Dr. Cooper created finally goes public and the first mobile phone becomes available from Motorola. 1989 Motorola invent a new design and the first flip phone is released. 1 new message received 1993 Developers create a new way of sending written messages with a mobile phone and text messaging is born. 2002 The very first smart phone is invented, but required a headset to work due to a lack of speaker or microphone. Meanwhile the first camera phone a company called Sanyo. SO000000 created by 2007 The first iPhone is released, featuring touch screen, a variety of applications and functions that completely changed the mobile phone industry. TM FOR EXCLUSIVE GAANT MOBILE CASES & digital ACCESSORIES VISIT GAARRDIGITAL.CO.UK

The Life of the Mobile Phone

shared by katecritchlow on Jan 21
The mobile phone is an interesting device that we rely upon day after day, and how it came to become such an important part of our lives was an interesting process, starting with the initial developme...




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