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Learn to drive in Ireland

LEARNING TO DRIVE IN IRELAND Smart Driving To master driving in IRELAND can be a complicated business as there are lots of different things to comply, learn and master. But fear not! We're are here to help you! STEPS TOIFOLLOW: DRIVER THEORY TEST If you want to drive, you need to pass this test to have a learner permit. Theory test designed to check knowledge of topics such as: RISK АНEAD RULES APPLIED Rules of Driving Risk Eco- Hazard Good Driving Perception driving Awareness Behaviour Theory Test Categories 16- 21 BW Cars, land tractors and work vehicles B, BE and W The minimum age requirement for holding a learner permit. *Depends on the category of vehicle you are planning to drive. AM motorcycles and mopeds A, A2, A1 and A Vans and trucks over 3,50okg C1, C, CE and C1E D Minibuses and buses D, D1, DE and D1E & CPC 1 CD Truck and Bus, C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE and D1E €45.00-€72.00 Online By phone Theory Test Cost Theory Test Booking When you pass the driver theory test you are issued with a Theory Test Certificate indicating the categories you have passed. You may now apply for a Learner Permit. 2 LEARNER PERMIT What to prepare? USA Drisiea Theory To Cenificr NDLS Theory Test Certificate Verification / Photographs Eyesight Report Application Medical Form Report Details on your Learner Permit 1. Surname CEAD FOGHLAMÓRA LEARNER PERMIT Balli dtir a eisiúna amhain Vold in country of issue only 1. ARMSTRONG 2. THOMAS 3. 07.10.1978 IRELANDes Vald in the country of i ÉIRE IRELAND 2. First name 3. Date and country of birth 4a. Date of issue 4b. Date of expiry 4d. Your driver number 5. Licence / permit number 6. (Photograph) 7. Signature 8. Address Ny Ag do min ns amhn Working to save ives 4c. Issuing body 4a.30.01.12 4e. ROAD SAFETY AUTHORITY 4d.41328875 ne 5. AA12345078A 7. a Thomas Armstrong 8. CONTROL ROAD. DUBLIN D113T09PJ3 Y8478 FSD<<<<<<<<<<<0 9. Categories 10. Date of issue for each category 11. Date of expiry for each category 12. Additional Information / restrictions NDLS 00 0112 201M 13. Administrative information 14. Optional for information in relation to learner permit or road safety. 20809AOF180E2238 Driving on a Learner Permit: Terms + Carry your learner permit at all times while driving. + Drive on motorways in the category of vehicle you're belong. + You are not allowed to carry any passenger for reward. + If you are a learner in the car, truck or bus category, you must be accompanied by a qualified driver (or sponsor) at all times while driving with his full license. + You are not allowed to carry a pillion passenger, if you're a learner in motor category. You may now complete the Essential Driver Training (EDT) before you can take your Driving Test. 3 ESSENTIAL DRIVER TRAINING EDT is a training course designed to teach the basic skills of driving to learner car drivers. If the issue date of your first B category (Car) learner permit is on or after 4th of April 2011, you must first complete all EDT lessons. It consists of 12 Lessons. As you complete each lesson, your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress in a specially issued logbook. After each You have a self EDT lesson your instructor leaves feedback analysis page to use as a tool to reflect & absorb what you have learned. comments in your logbook. You can change instructors at You should get 2-3 hours practice between each EDT: lesson with your Sponsor 12 I anytime but the EDT logbook must stay with you and be signed over from your previous instructor to the new one. Once your instructor has uploaded all 12 EDT certificates to the RSA website, You can now apply for your Driving Test. 4 DRIVING TEST Driver testing in Ireland is carried out directly by the RSA to a standard that complies with the EU Directive on driving licences. RSA RSA RSA DRIVING TEST CHECKLIST PREPARING FOR YOUR CHECKLIST FOR YOUR DRIVING TEST DRIVING Requirements: ÉIRE CEAD FOGHLAMÓRA LEARNER PERMIT Balidra era amhain Vold in country of issue only ARELAND 1. ARMSTRONG 30.01.12 4 ROAD SAFETYAUTHORITY 46. 29.0122 44 413875 Valid Learner Permit (6 months) Thomas Armstrong B CONTROL ROAD. Does not apply to those taking truck or bus tests or car/trailer (BE) tests ; nor to holders of a motorcycle licence who are applying for a licence for a higher-powered motorcycle DUBLIN D113T09PJ3 Y8478 FSD<<<<<<<<<<<0 Suitable and Roadworthy Vehicle All important parts must all be in good condition. The tires must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm for cars, trucks and buses or 1 mm for motorcycles. You vehicle must have L plates; or (for motorcycle applicants) you must wear a hi-vistabard with L plates. Motorcycles with Sidecars Not Accepted as test vehicle. How to prepare yourself? DO's • Study the Rules of the Road booklet • Study the Preparing for your test booklet • Practise driving on all types of road and in all types of traffic situations • Build up your driving experience and confidence • Study the "Learning to Drive" suite of manuals DONT's • Unnecessarily obstruct traffic or annoy other road users • Practise on driving test routes for the most part; congestion on these routes causes inconvenience to residents and test applicants alike. Your appointment for a driving test? Approximately one month in advance of your test. This will indicate the time, date and venue for the test together with conditions which must be met. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS Applicants may apply and pay for your driving test online on the RSA website at EDT my DRIVING SCHOOL ::::::::::::::::::::::

Learn to drive in Ireland

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To master driving in ireland can be a complicated business as there are lots of different things to comply,learn and master But fear not! More Info




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