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Leadcore in Fishing

LEADCORE IN FISHING What is Leadcore? Leadcore is as its name hints a woven membrane outer and a lead wire inner. Its main uses are to aid sinking the main line and pinning the last couple of meters of the rig end to the bottom. It is also stiff due to the inner core wire and has a good abrasion resistance. It is very strong with most brands being 35lb - 45lb breaking strain. Things Needed in Sphcing Leadcore Baiting needle Splicing needle with gate Leadcore How to Splice a Leadcore Step 1 Pull back the polyester outer and cut off around 3 inches of the inner lead wire. This will then leave you with a more supple 3 inches, and then insert your splicing needle into the center of the polyester. Step 2 Push the needle around 1 inch down the center of the polyester and then push your splicing needle back out through the side of the polyester as shown in the picture. Step 3 Trim the end of the leadcore and then pinch the end piece with the application on your splicing needle. Step 4 Now hold the section where the needle passes through the center of the leadcore and gently but firmly pull the needle back through bringing the leadcore back through its self. Step 5 When the needle and leadcore come back through keep pulling until you begin to form a small loop. Trim the excess leadcore and pull tight so the tag pulls back into the leadcore. This is important tọ make sure everything can slide of easily. excess SOURCE: >>

Leadcore in Fishing

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Leadcore is a its name hints a woven membrance outer and a lead wire inner. More Info:




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