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The Last Rhinos Find Refuge in World Heritage Sites

THE LAST RHINOS · ENDANGERED Finding refuge in UNESCO World Heritage sites After thriving for 20 millian years, critically endangered rhino species find a last refuge in UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sumatran rhino (Dicerarhinus sumatrensis) RHINO NUMBERS - RISING AND FALLING - Southern White Hunted to near extinction in the colonial era. Dedicated conservation efforts have led to a modest but sustained recovery Ceratotherium simum simum JUCN Redlist NEAR THREATENED 1895 1948 550 100 1987 4,665 1997 8,440 2010 20,165 SUCN Redlist VULNERABLE A subspecies of the white rhino, originally ranging in Central Africa. Indian Northern White Rhinoceros unicomis Ceratothenum simum cottoni The last wild individuals were seen in 2006. Now widely believed to be extinct in the wild. Seven individuals survive in captivity. 2007 2,800 SUCN Redlist CRITICALLY ENDANGERED 1910 1920 50 200 1952 350 2012 3.264 1969 2,230 1971 650 1981 350 1991 2011 30 Black Sumatran CRITICALLY NGERED SUCN Redlist Diceras bicornis Dicerorhinus sumatrensis SUCN Redlist CRITICALLY ENDANGERED 1990 3,800 1993 2,300 1999 2011 2.700 4,880 2007 2012 120-140 300 1970 65,000 Javan One of the rarest and most endangered large mammals of the world. Rhinoceros sondaicus UCN Redlist CRITICALLY ENDANGERED 1953 50 The establishment of a second population away from the fragile Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia is urgently needed to better guarantee its future. 2012 35-44 An Indochina subspecies went extinct in 2010 when the last known animal was poached for its horn, · BIGGEST THREATS - POACHING FOR HORNS 700 650 SOUTH AFRICAN POACHING SURGE LOSS OF HABITAT 550 500 South Africa is home to over 73% of the global rhino population. 668 There has been a massive POACHED IN SOUTH AFRICA surge in white rhino poaching in the last five years, from a little more than a dozen in 2007, to 668 in 2012. 2012 100 50 THE COVETED RHINO HORN · Considered to have curative properties in traditional Asian medicine. More recently sold by Asian traffickers as a treatment for hangovers and cancer. Historically, fashioned into the high end versions of the traditional Yemeni daggers, though no longer an important market, An estimated 4,063 horns were shipped to illegal markets in Asia from Africa from 2009 to September 2012. Consists mostly of keratin, the same protein found in fingernails and hair. WORLD HERITAGE RHINO REFUGES - Rhinos struggle for survival in ever-shrinking areas. Private reserves and parks, some of which are World Heritage sites, are their last refuge... siles National Parka Manas National Park & Kaziranga National Park ****** India Napal INDIAN RHINO PONSERVATION NEPAL & INDIA Chitwan Hational Park Nepal World Heritage sites angladesh Once bordering on extinction, effective government conservation policies & programmes have been India successful - numbers went from 50 rhinos in 1910 to over 2,800 today. World Heritage Africa Thailand Selous Game Reserva World arilage sile Tanzania World Heritage sile e sile Malaysia Serengeti Hational Park Tanzania iSimangaliso Wetland Park South Atrica Ujung Kulon National Park Indenesia BLACK RHINO CONSERVATION Current range SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK, TANZANIA Original range JAVAN RHINO CONSERVATION World Heritage site UJUNG KULON NATIONAL PARK, INDONESIA Five-year rhino conservation project in operation. Rhinos repatriated from South Africa & numbers increasing Special task force guarding rhinos against poachers. World Heritage site Home to the last 44 Javan rhinos, The population is challenged by space constraints. If nearby Krakatoa volcano erupts, the entire species could disappear. site Marld Herila Trapical Bainferest Haritage ef Sumatra SUMATRAN RHINO CONSERVATION TROPICAL RAINFOREST HERITAGE OF SUMATRA, INDONESIA World Heritage site Thalland Though no rhinos have recently been observed in Kerinci Seblat National Park, camera traps help scientists estimate a population of up to 25 rhinos in Gunung Leuser National Park. Bukit Barisan Selatan & Gunung Leuser Hational Parka Up to 50 more are estimated to live in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, another component of this World Heritage site. Malaysia BUT IT'S NOT EASY NORTHERN WHITE RHINO GARAMBA NATIONAL PARK, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO SUCN Redlist CRITICALLY ENDANGERED World Heritage site Sources: CITES, IUCN, TRAFFIC, UNESCO & WWF Credits deltaBRAVO - design Created with the help of United Nations Online Volunteers Vast roaming range - hard to protect against poachers. Rebel army groups made monitoring difficult, Declared World Heritage site in Danger in 1984. © 2013 UNESCO Considered extinct in the wild in 2011. PLAOM WHITE RHINO DEATHS BY POACHING

The Last Rhinos Find Refuge in World Heritage Sites

shared by UNESCO on Feb 13
After thriving for 20 million years, critically endangered rhino species find a last refuge in UNESCO World Heritage Sites Get the latest news about #WorldHeritage @UNESCO





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