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From Kittenhood to the Golden Years: What Your Cat Should Eat to Thrive

from kittenhood to the golden years what your cat should eat to thrive how cat and dog nutrition differ Cats require 25-30% more They do not convert the protein than dogs. beta-carotene found in plants into vitamin A, and require They need many of the vitamin A in the diet. essential vitamins and minerals at higher amounts. They lack sweet receptors and digest complex Cats cannot make enough carbohydrates slightly less taurine to support eye and efficently than dogs. heart function. Cats are carnivores by necessity, while dogs are not. the building blocks of nutrition carbohydrates, proteins fats minerals and fiber 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% adult dog puppy adult cat kitten Source: The AAFCO guidelines above do not include water. how to choose the right food for your cat or kitten There isn't one perfect cat or kitten food, but there are a few key elements pet parents can look for on a food label to decipher if it will work for their cat. INGREDIENTS TURKEY, TURKEY BROTH, Animal proteins should CHICKEN, CHICKEN BROTH be listed in the first few ingredients. It's okay when listed after water or broth in a wet diet, but animal ATTTY iesta proteins should come before any plant-based ingredients. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels 2 The label should state established by the AAFCO that the food meets cat food nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance. the requirements for the given life stage outlined by the Association of Fur Fies American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Food for kittens should be labeled for "growth and maintenance" or "all-life-stages." Food for pregnant and/or lactating adults should be labeled for "all-life-stages." Food for non-reproductive or neutered adults should be labeled as "growth and maintenance," "all-life-stages" or "adult maintenance." 3 All food labels should CALORIE CONTENT include a calorie content statement to help feed for a healthy weight and body condition. FURRY FIESTA PET FOOD CO. 9 Lives Way, Tin Roof, Purrsylvania 1-800-555-PAWS (7297) 4 All food labels should furry_fiesta include contact information (email and phone number) so consumers can ask the company any questions. how much you should feed your cat daily energy needs weight calories (kCal) per day 2-5 Ib. kitten 130-250 kCal 5-8 Ib. kitten 250-300 kCal 8-12 Ib. kitten 300-350 kCal 8-12 Ib. adult 220-300 kCal 12-16 Ib. adult 300-370 kCal 16+ Ib. adult 370+ kCal = 60 kCal BROUGHT TO YOU BY DESIGNED BY petco, GHERGICH&Co.

From Kittenhood to the Golden Years: What Your Cat Should Eat to Thrive

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Adopting a new pet is always an exciting time. From the first exploration ventures to the first night’s sleep – there are so many fantastic new memories. And just like any other member of your fam...





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