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Interesting Facts About Pets

AMAZING FAGTS ABOUT PETS or How To Be An Awsome Pet Owner Over 22 milion households are registered in the United Kingdom. And each of them owns at least one pet. Brits own: 15 22 2.7 18 Dogs (37%) Cats (30%) Rabbits (5%) Birds (3%) Fishes (25%) PET'S INTELLIGence Cats and Dogs: Stunning Facts about Dogs have excellent sense of smell (they have 200 million odor-sensitive cells in their nose); -Cats have excellent sense of hearing - 60- 65 kHz (it means they can hear ultrasonic Sounds); - Dogs' nose has prints that are as unique as himan finger prints; - Cats possess a visual memory ability almost the same as that of monkeys; - Dogs can affect human health - people with dogs live longer. Cats are able to influence human intelligence - people with cats are more likely to have an university degree than those with dogs: PETS ARE SO INTELLIGGNT THAT MOST OF THGM HAVE LEARNED HOW TO COMmuniCATE WITH US. The more you talk to your cat, the more it will meow back to you. + Cats can produce 100 different vocal Sounds. - Cats hiss amd grow as warning to stay away. Dogs can only make 10. - Cats purr as a way to tell yoU: "T'm happy!" - Cats roll on their back to demonstrate they trust you want to play. and Dogs bark to alert us for a danger. - Dogs whine to ask for something - food., water, a walk, attention. - Dogs move head as a signal of listening to you. WHICH ARE THE MOSTINTELLIGENT DOG BREEDS? Doberman Pinscher Golden Retriever German Shepherd Border Collie Poodle HOW TO DEVGLOP YOUR PETS' POTENTIAL? - The first and the most important thing is the training! - "Sit" is the most well-known command – 90% of all dogs in the world can recognise it. - 94% of Brits do trainings with their dogs at home. COMMANDS THAT DOGS IN THE UK KNOW: 60 50 40 30 20 10 Apples "Stay" "Recall" "Sit" "Roll Over" BRITS WHO HAVE ever senT THEIR DOGS TO A TRAINING CLASS: Did it in the past, but not anymore. (33%) Never did it. (53%) Still do it. (14%) 3+1=4 After training classes dogs know much Fetch 50% more Stay 84% commands: Recall 82% Sit 90% Roll Over 24% So, Trainings make sense! Resourses:;;; -

Interesting Facts About Pets

shared by ZaraAlston on Apr 11
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Inspired by a FantasticPetCare Blog Post, I created an infographic about British pets. There are so many things we still don't know about the animals living between our homes' walls! I got a whole new...


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