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Infographic: Possible Outcomes for Roosters

INFOGRAPHIC: Possible Outcomes for www Roosters START HERE Where were you born? THROWN INTO A GRINDER FED TO REPTILES HATCHERY BREEDER 90% 10% FEED STORE This is one of the many cruel endings bestowed upon baby chicks which possess any sort of breed imperfections. DIE FROM STARVATION OR DEHYDRATION USED FOR BACKYARD COCKFIGHTING FARM RIPPED APART IN A COCKFIGHT What happens when you start to crow? EATEN ALIVE BY A PREDATOR DUMPED CRAIGSLIST Cockfighters will physically alter their bodies by replacing their spurs with knives or gaffs to maximize blood shed for well as cruelty. KILLED AND EATEN BY A HUMAN Chickens are easy pray for a wide range of wild animals that are commonly found in both rural and urban environments. This is a horrible way to die. FOUND BY A What happens to you when the fight is discovered by the cops? GOOD HIT BY CAR SAMARITAN Where do they take you? You are most likely beheaded (which is ranked as #5 in the Top 10 most painful ways to die). No matter how quick and clean, it would produce excruciating pain for at least a few seconds. 10% 90% ANIMAL SHELTER EUTHANIZED ADOPTED TO A GOOD HOME OR NONPROFIT ANIMAL SANCTUARY Some animal shelters in certain regions of the US will take in roosters. However, euthanasia risk is high, and in many no-kill shelters, it may and in some cases, years to find them This is what happens to roosters who are deemed 'unadoptable' (most seized in cockfights), those who don't get adopted after a period of time, or who test positive for a common pathogen. Where a lucky few for short while, until go their bodies give out from damage caused by stress, starvation, dehydration, abuse, injuries, & infections. take many months homes. Adopt A Bird Network

Infographic: Possible Outcomes for Roosters

shared by kellymhubb on Dec 02
Roosters certainly don't have it easy. Of all the animals, they are probably one of the most forgotten, abused, stereotyped, and misunderstood. They are subjected to immense cruelty starting from the ...


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