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Infographic Collaboration Made Simple

March, 2015 Infographic Collaboration Made Simple An infographic is one of the most popular-and effective-ways to show, share, and consume information. However, the creation process is far from simple. It requires research, content creation, design, and distribution; and can involve many people with different skill sets. We've created this infographic as a tool to help streamline the process and identify roles and responsibilities, and when those should be executed. We hope you find it informative and useful. REVIEW INFORMAL PRESENTATION RESEARCH ANALYSIS Summary of research pertinent to this specific infographic DATA RELEVANT DATA KICKOFF MEETING FOR ALL TEAM MEMBERS Purpose: To align concepts and goals; and set up teams to answer the following questions WHAT WHAT CONCEPT is the pupose of the infographic? is the message of the infographic? framesupports WHICH WHICH CONTENT data is relevant? data should we present? framesupports HOW HOW GRAPHICS do we add info through the graphics (vs. visually showing what is written)? do we present the data? content team approval graphics team аpproval 1 1 CONTENT SKETCH CONСЕРТ ОРТIONS МЕETING Present the concept to the The copy need not be final at this stage; however, the data point being presented and what we will say about it should be Based on the content generated in step #1 client REJECTED APPROVED internal review @ production house and client 5 6 1 2 FIRST RENDITION FIRST REVIEW MEETING CONTENT UPDATE Based on outcome Consolidated feedback Based on first rendition; of step #3 & framed by the from the client is shared production of final text brand's standards with the graphics team internal review @ production house and client 7 8 2 SECOND RENDITION SECOND REVIEW MEETING FINAL BIG UPDATE Using new content from step #6 Apply feedback from step #8 on content Consolidated feedback from the client is shared with the graphics team internal review @ production house and client 10 11 3 FINAL RENDITION FINAL REVIEW MEETING FINAL TWEAKS & LAUNCH Using final content from step #9 This meeting is optional; feedback may be too little to have a need for it Update, get client final approval & launch At Impress Labs, we offer a proven process to build and distribute your infographic. We produce assets out of the infographic that you can easily share in your social media networks or through an HTML email. If you have an exciting infographic project in mind, we are here to make it become a reality. Please check us out at designed by IMPRESSLABS" 3. |

Infographic Collaboration Made Simple

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