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Ichthyesaurus Deep sea diving New examinations of ancient skeletons indicate that ichthyosaurs suffered from "decompression syndrome," or the bends, by diving too deep, too fast. The bends occur when bubbles of nitrogen Invade the bloodstrean and choke off oxygen to the bone. Layers of dead bone-evidence of the bends - have been observed in 20 percent of Ophthalmosaurus skeletons examined. Ophthalmesaurus Rulers of the sea Sleek, powerful ichthyosaurs ruled the sea beginning 250 million years ago and lasted almost as long as dinosaurs ruled the land. Ranging in size from 2 to 60 feet, they sported toothy beks and huge eyes. The marine reptiles were impressive divers, but, lke hapless scuba divers they sometimes suffered the "bends." What big eyes you have At 30 feet, Temnodontosaurus had eyes 10 inches in dameter - the largest known eyes in the history of life. Even the smaller Ophthaimosaurus, 15 feet long. had eye sockets 9 inches in diameter. Their huge eyes allowed them to pursue prey in the oceans' dark depths. Battlenese раг 1,640 t. Temnedontesaerus Blee whale Ophthalmesaurus Horse Ichthyosaurs 59 in 10 in. 9 in. Sperm whale during feeding 9ло п. Temnodentesaarus Age of the marine reptile Size comparison khthyosaurs firstaopeared around 250 milion years ago in the Triassic Period and last unti the middle of the Cretaceous Period. khthyosaur size ranged from 2 to 60 feet in length Ichthyesaurus Mlions of years Temnedentesaurus 251 206 144 65 Triassik Jurassic Cretaceous Ophthalmenaurus Human CAGN/obe


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A look at the prehistoric underwater creatures


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