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I Didn't Know Animals Could Do That!

I DIDN'T KNOW ANIMALS COULD DO THAT! The more we learn about animals, the more we realize that they're full of surprises. We now know that animals are a lot more like us than we used to think-and they have quite a few skills and attributes from which we humans should take a lesson. THEY'VE GOT YOUR BACK Rats prefer learning to open other rats' cages over treats. 5 female bonobos chased down a male who slapped an unrelated female. Will work cooperatively for food: - Elephants - Chimpanzees FAITHFUL FATHERS Female jacanas Male seahorses get pregnant and give birth. (waterbirds) flit about while dads tend the chicks. Wolf papas: - Guard the family den - Bring home food - Mentor the pups MOURNING LOSSES Nonhuman primates: Wolf packs: - Hold wakes - Turn to friends for comfort - Even lose the will to live - Howl mournfully - Act depressed Elephants touch the skulls and tusks of their dead. TOOL TIME New Caledonian crows Orangutans may use tools sequentially. develop tools to accomplish new tasks. Dolphins use sponges to flush out hidden fish. SMART COOKIES Cats remember Chickens know hidden objects still exist - Young human children don't things years later. Pigs: - Smarter than 3-year-old children - Enjoy music and massages - Play with soccer balls and video games SOCIAL ANIMALS Chickens Turkeys can remember the faces and choose favorite humans ranks of more than 100 others. and run to greet them. Monkeys, parrots, and dogs "catch" yawning from others. ANIMAL SUPERPOWERS Cows: - Have panoramic vision - Hear lower volume/higher frequency sounds than us → Magnetically align their bodies north-south Spiders can sense the tiniest vibrations. PETA

I Didn't Know Animals Could Do That!

shared by NerdCore44 on Aug 06
The following graphic shows some of the things that we have in common with our animal friends—and some of the differences that humans can only envy. Respect!




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