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How to Work from Home with a Cat

a simple quide to OWNING A CAT {when you work from home} You love your cat. But working from home with your beloved furry friend can be a constant struggle for you to get anything done. They love mischief, are attention-mongers, and have to be everywhere you are. These simple tips can help you and kitty achieve harmony together. Keep kitty chill while you talk to your clients on the phone. B-r-r-inng! Some cats get agitated by the ringtone of the phone or the tone of your voice while you talk on the phone. Certain pitch tones will either scare kitty or make it attack the source, which is you, basically. The tone of your voice is different then when you speak to them directly; so the unexpected phone ring or louder voice pitch will put them on high alert. If you plan to be on the phone for more than 5 or 10 minutes, put kitty in another room that you feel confident they won't destroy anything in, and then close the door. PHONE ATTACKS No more chewed computer cords or accidental keyboard commands. PLAYTIME Cats {especially ones without a playmate} will eventually get bored and restless every couple of hours. They will either start meow-crying, destroying things, and/or getting into things they shouldn't. Constant engagement with kitty keeps them out of trouble, and gets you a needed break from your computer too. I'm so adorable – play with me! Schedule a few breaks of playtime throughout the day for about 5-10 minutes each. If you are too busy with work, then create interactive play zones throughout the house to keep them occupied and happy. Be sure to mix it up; even moving their playspace to another part of the office will attract their curiosity and renew their interest in the same boring toys. You can be productive with your projects and have kitty by your side too. Mm-yum! Kitties want to be into everything you do including while you are at your desk working; stepping on your keyboard, attacking the printer, chewing on paper, and just distracting you from your projects. Protect your working space by being firm with your No's-remove kitty as soon as they jump up on the desk. Give them their own space near your desk to establish boundaries, and keep them content and happy. BOUNDARIES you are done working, unplug the keyboard {to prevent unwanted computer commands} and cover up your valuables with a cloth or similar. When A hungry cat is a nuisance until they are fed; and well, they can eat a lot! FEEDING TIME You know the wake-up call you get just before the sun rises – it's kitty crying for food. Who needs an alarm clock? They jump on you, lick your face, or get into trouble until you get out of bed! I'm hangry! Be sure not to overfeed them in the morning; just 1/2 cup of dry kibbles will ease their hunger pains and let you get on with your day. Midday, treat them to a snack {bits of banana, avocado, chicken, tuna fish}, but make them work for it - you could even incorporate this into a scheduled playtime. You don't want a hangry cat while you work. In the evening, give them another 1/2 cup of dry kibbles to tide them over for the night. You don't want a fat cat, so be precise with the measurements. Is it time to eat yet? Sync your daily agenda with kitty and watch what happens Your kitty loves a routine because their bodies are wired for a regular schedule of eating, sleeping and playing for the sake of their comfort and security. Cats are territorial to their environment, and once they get to know your routine, they will adapt to it, making your work day go smoother. Sticking to this schedule the best you can will help prevent any stress kitty may feel. ROUTINES And make sure to take full advantage of the times when kitty naps so that you can be the most productive with your projects. Kitty craves your attention and they will get it from you anyway they can. ATTENTION ADDICTS Most of us make the mistake of reinforcing the very behavior we don't like with kitty because we tend to acknowledge them for displaying their attention-seeking behavior. Even if you reprimand kitty, you're offering attention to them away from your work, which is just what they wanted. Love me? Try your hardest to ignore them; and when they are quiet or chilled out, reward them with some affection or playtime. This type of behavior can become a habit for them and keep you productive. Again, consistency with your schedule and kitty's needs can also reduce this unwanted, excessive behavior. Working at home with kitty does has it's benefits. They give you unconditional love when you might need it the most, from either a stressful project or client; they provide bits of entertainment to get those required daily, healthy laughs in; and they keep you from being chained to the computer staring at pixels hours on end-which in the end, forces you to get out and enjoy life more. SOURCES JUST FOR FUN: Brand Identity Campaigns | Infographics | Websites Digital Media Graphics | Print Collateral | Presentations dezinegirl creative studio BROUGHT TO YOU BY in Bē

How to Work from Home with a Cat

shared by JoieBrand on Feb 05
These are all the things I learned when I adopted my cat, Josie, while working from home. At almost 1 years old, she is still teaching me, but for the most part we have come to mutual agreements :)





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