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How to Share Business Performance Updates With Employees

O [email protected] @AliveWithIdeas älive! HOW TO SHARE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE UPDATES 21 WAYS TO SPREAD THE NEWS AND MAKE IT MEANINGFUL MONTHLY UPDATES Consistency is key - help employees to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Think regular, fresh, snappy news bites. 2. INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES e KEEP IT SIMPLE Complex data can bog down your reports. Tried and tested tricks like traffic light updates work wonders. Use SharePoint or similar software to produce KPI widgets, pulling in data from performance systems to build visually appealing leaderboards. 3. CONNECT U. THE DOTS 4.LOOK FORWARD Highlight the link between regular measures and overarching business goals. Call out next month's goals and share what needs to be achieved. QUARTERLY UPDATES Take advantage of opportunities for a different approach as your updates become meatier. Consider your audience and think about expanding your channels mix. Consider ideas like animated video updates, Q&A webinars, quarterly podcasts or departmental events to share a little face-to-face time. 5. MIX IT UP 6.MESSAGES LOCALISE Apply a lighter touch to Q1 and Q3 whilst introducing additional formats to the rest, remembering that overall consistency is crucial. Ask department heads or team leaders to share quarterly messages, relating business-wide news to local priorities. 7.HM FIND LTHE HOOK Make figures meaningful by linking business updates with key motivators like career progression. 8. OFFER A O. HANDY TOOLKIT 9. . SIMPLIFY Present headline results on a single-page report Can managers explain what the numbers mean? Accompany reports with guidance on areas requiring particular attention. in the simplest possible way, using icons and minimal text. SHARE PROJECT 10.UPDATES Are plans on track? Combine reports with updates about ongoing projects and other initiatives. ANNUAL UPDATES Make an impression with high impact comms and recognise the efforts and commitment of your workforce. 12. Well done! 11. CREATE A 1. SHORT FILM Create a video feature with an end of year message from the CEO, summing up the last 12 months and the plans for the year ahead. LOCAL FOCUS LINK WITH 3.GROUPS EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE After big announcements, hold small focus groups to discuss how people feel and what the implications may be at a local level. 14. TANGIBLE REVIEWS TAKEAWAYS mke tperaend Show employees how their own individual Offer info packs - something to soak up and reflect on later when time permits. performance relates to overall business objectives. MORE TOP TIPS 15. 17. 15.PERSPECTIVE PROVIDE MIND YOUR LANGUAGE It's important to add background and context – reeling off figures will only work when people understand their significance. Avoid technical jargon or complex financial terms that employees may not understand. TIMING e IS CRITICAL Sitting on information for too long results in data that's out of date and irrelevant. Get your info out in a timely manner. 18. CELEBRATE GOOD PERFORMANCE 19. GET CREATIVE Craft customised, branded reports - even interactive, animated versions with images, photos and employee interviews. Be selective - celebrate successes, rather than focusing too heavily on the negative. 20. INDEPENDENT VIEWPOINTS 21. Enhance your message with external commentaries and topical news stories to bring the detail to life. INFOGRAPHICS! Infographics are vibrant, versatile and high impact, enabling the ability to mix stats, visuals and anecdotes together. SHAPE ATTITUDES SUPPORT EMPLOYEE O and i ENGAGEMENT, KEEPING EVERYONE INFORMED BEHAVIOURS THROUGH @ and EFFECTIVE INVOLVED IN COMMUNICATION. PROGRESS AND DIRECTION. välive! email: [email protected] | twitter: @AliveWithIdeas | web: DOD DOD D ロロ D ロロ の ロロ

How to Share Business Performance Updates With Employees

shared by CarolineRoodhouse on Jul 29
Sharing business performance updates plays a big part in most comms roles. It’s important to keep everyone informed of progress. How we’re doing, where we are now and where we need to be. But it...


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