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How to Name Animals in German

HOW TO NAME ANIMALS GERMAN DOES IT LOOK LIKE A PIG? ARE Schwein YES NO YOU SURE? (pig) WHERE DID YOU SEE IT? WELL.. YES DOES IT LOOK LIKE ANOTHER KIND OF ANIMAL? FRIEND'S HOUSE SOUTH AMERICA TREE OCEAN KIND OF... NO DOES IT LOOK LIKE... spike pig Stachelschwein (porcupine) ocean A BEAR? piglet water pig Meerschweinchen Wasserschwein (guinea pig) (capybara) YES, BUT NO SMALLER wash bear Waschbär (raccoon) A CHICKEN? IS IT OR LUMPY? SLEEK? YES, BUT BIGGER & NO SCARIER sea pig pig whale threatening chicken Seeschwein Schweinswal (dugong) (porpoise) Truthahn (turkey) A TOAD? YES, BUT WITH A NO WHAT DOES SHELL IT DO? shield toad Schildkröte (tortoise) A SNAIL? YES, BUT WITHOUT A NO WEAR SHELL STINK NOTHING ARMOR naked snail Nacktschnecke (slug) A FISH? belt animal Gürteltier (armadillo) DON'T KNOW. IT SQUIRTED NO stink animal lazy animal INK AT ME Stinktier Faultier ink (skunk) (sloth) fish Tintenfisch beak animal (squid) A MOUSE? Schnabeltier (platypus) YES, BUT IT CAN NO FLY flutter mouse Fledermaus (bat) SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD? THE WEIRDEST NO I'VE EVER SEEN! +Babbel

How to Name Animals in German

shared by gnmotion on May 27
The German language is famous for some really long nouns. This is because German nouns, verbs, prepositions and adjectives are like lego bricks; you can stick them together in almost any way to creat...




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