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How far can they see?

-How far can they see?- Eagles 2 miles (10560 ft) Owls up to 8000 ft (1oo X humans @ night!) Horses imile (5280 ft) Sharks 560 ft Cats 480 ft Humans 80 ft Chameleons 32 ft Dogs 20 ft Rhinos less than 10 ft Colossal Squid 0.98 ft Pandas Can only see whats in front of them Guinea Pigs Can fall if you just put it on the counter corner Additional Facts Dragon Flys They are so big that they cover almost the entire head, giving it a helmeted appearance, and a full 36o degree field of vision. These eyes are made up of 30,000 visual units called ommatidia, each one containing a lens and a series of light sensitive cells. Their eyesight is superb; they can detect colors and polar- ized light, and are particularly sensitive to movement, allowing them to quickly discover any potential prey or enemy. Frogs are well-known for their big eyes, but few people know why their eyes bulge out. They can protrude their eyes to help them see above the surface while they are underwater. When they close their eyes, they pull them back, where they are covered by a top opaque eyelid and two eyelids made of of thin, translucent membrane. Read more atóedSyıJ.99 Pigeons can see literally millions of different hues and are thought to be among the best at color detection ability of any animal on earth. They have many more cones than humans in their eyes, thus accounting for the ability to see at least five spectral bands. Cats & Dogs Cats and dogs do not have strong vision. They rely on scent and sound primarily as their sensory detection. Cats in particular have weak vision. They are color blind, and cats more so than dogs. Dogs can sometimes tell the difference between yellow and blue, for example. Most cats can only detect a little color, and are best at focusing on one object narrowly (for hunting). But they do have better night vision than humans. Both dogs and cats have better per- spective and depth perception, due to the placement of their eyes, than human beings do. Snakes Snakes have two sets of eyes. One set is the normal eyes that you see, and they detect color quite well. But they also have vision pits that detect heat and "see" living creatures like an infrared detector. There is no getting away from a snake once you're spotted. That closed door won't help. Luckily most snakes are more likely to retreat than attack. httplatveracom/soole/ahorenalawthncrudbleeye bindnns httpwwwbbceoukhaturalasto httplargetastostmartest.couklrimals wththe-bestvion in the world/ httpwwwpbsorg/wnet/naturalepisodes/aagiouintroductionsono http:wwwafricawildife detectivecom/blackrhinohttmi Created by: perfect glasses usa http://www.perfectglassesusacom

How far can they see?

shared by astralweb on May 21
How far can we see compared to other animals. Also includes random facts about vision.


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