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How To Decorate With Pets in Mind

HOW TO DECORATE WITH PETS CIN MIND IN THE KITCHEN... 1. Hide exposed cables or spray Bitter Apple Chew repellent on them. 2. Install Child proof latches. 3. Avoid leaving raw meat to defrost on the kitchen side unattended. IN THE BATHROOM... 1. Place razors, soaps, shampoos, gels and aftershaves in a cupboard, high up and out of reach. 2. Keep the toilet seat lid down especially for young puppies. 3. Use a trash can with a locking lid or keep it in a cupboard under the sink. IN THE BEDROOM.. 1. Keep clothing hung up, store shoes out of reach, and put laundry in a tall, closed wash basket. 2. Store jewellery, hair ties, coins, and other small ingestible items in containers or drawers, and secure any exposed cords or wires. 3. Consider keeping your dog out of the bedroom! * IN THE LIVING AREAS.. 1. Stow pillows and blankets in decorative bins, and keep wires out of reach. 2. Keep blind cords short by either cutting or tying them to a cord tidy/clip. IN THE OFFICE.. 1. Store papers, magazines, cords, wires, paperclips, rubber bands, and staples far out of reach. 2. Ensure shredders are unplugged and out of reach when in use. OTHER POTENTIAL HAZARDS Keep plants like dieffenbachia (dumb cane), lilies, philodendrons and poinsettias well out of reach these are poisonous! Keep loose change in wallets or draws - if your puppy swallows zinc, you may be in for a medical emergency. Keep CDs/DVDS stored in cases, some strenuous chewing can break them into dangerous shards. Keep rubbish bags covered - a young puppy with a healthy appetite will attempt to eat the contents. Presented by Loveabode Home is where the heart is

How To Decorate With Pets in Mind

shared by AlexGillham on May 04
We love our pets, but sometimes they can make a mess of your house (and sometimes themselves)! Thankfully, when redecorating a room there are plenty of ways you can make your home pet friendly and avo...


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