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How to Choose a Dog?

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST DOG BREED 1 Size of the dog Go for a medium or large breed only if you have a good yard for these dogs to exercise in. In case of smaller dogs, adopt them only if you can house them indoors and give them proper shelter. 2 Activity level of the dog Select a dog that matches you in activity levels. Every dog needs routine exercise, regardless of breed or size, so make sure you can to provide this. 3 Age of the dog Puppies are most popular with dog owners and for most people puppies are the first choice, but please note that puppies require a lot of care and need to be trained well. 4 Grooming and maintenance When selecting a dog their shedding levels has to be kept in mind and also the expenses that are related to grooming. Avoid breeds that shed a lot or be prepared to keep them groomedn trim. Do you have any allergies? Owners can be allergic to the hair and dander of the dogs. If you suffer from any allergies always opt for breeds that are non-shedders or low shedders. 6. Do you have kids? Ensure that the children are old enough to understand how to care for the pet. Younger children have a tendency to consider the dogs as a toy and may rough handle them. 7 Want to train your dog? Every dogs need to be properly trained. Training is different for different breeds. Some breeds may be fast learners and you will have no difficulty in training them, while others would require a lot of patience and energy on your part. Are you a dog lover? Try this quiz ->

How to Choose a Dog?

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Discover how to choose the perfect dog breed for you and your family!


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