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How Bed Bugs are Taking Over the U.S.

BED BUG NATION: The Terrifying Truth Behind America's Nightmare Bug. BED BUGS ATTACK Dormant since WWII, Cimex lectularius --also called the bed bug --has made a strong, unwanted comeback in the United States. INCREASED INFESTATIONS Pest management firms have had an 81% increase in bed bug-related calls 1 IN5 One in 5 Americans has had an encounter with bed bugs. OF BED BUGS PEOPLE since 2000, 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 HOW BIG ARE BED BUGS? : 1/4 in. long. ALL 50 STATES ARE INFESTED Bed bugs are 3x more common in The average adult bed bug is cities than rural areas. Cities with large infestations include: Denven Chicago Columbua After eating, bed bugs engorge to 3x their normal size. Boston New York 5.5 mm Philadelphia (0.25) Baltimore Francisco Washington DC Durham, NC 1.0 Los Angeles Cncinnati, OH (stage) Panama City, FL EGG Indianapolis YOUR BLOOD Bed bugs feed on sleeping hosts for 10 minutes at a time. They leave behind itchy, red welts that resemble the bites of other pests. TASTES GREAT suspect A. suspect B. 10 MIN. It's hard to detect. suspect C. suspect D. WHERE DO Bed Bugs don't stick to beds! The pests have been found in the following spots: EXTREME TEMPERATURES Bed bugs can withstand temperatures BED BUGS LIVE? ARE NO PROBLEM from freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. FURNITURE BED 122F PET FUR COUCH 31F PURSE SUITCASE HOW DO PEOPLE : Watch out for bed bugs in MOST PESTICIDES Bed bugs are resistant to most GET BED BUGS? the following places: AREN'T EFFECTIVE store-bought pesticides. V Dorms V Hotels V Offices V Nursing Homes V Movie Theatres V Trains & Buses SOURCES: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): National Pest Management Association Inc.: The Bed Bug Registry: http://bedbugregi THIS INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY WWW.USPESTCONTROL.COM The Mayo Clinic: WebMD: RECEIVED PHONE CALLS םי ו ייויוז יויויויויויויויויויוי . ןיוייויויוו םויויויויויויויויויוייויןיו TTTTTTTTPTTPPPPL|

How Bed Bugs are Taking Over the U.S.

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Bed Bugs. Everyone has heard of them. A lot of people have dealt with them. Few people know what they are, exactly. That's why we put together this infographic. True, there are a lot of great online r...


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