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How to Be An Awesome Cat Parent

How to Be An Awesome Cat Parent Take our Pet Parent quiz! Read through our top 10 tips and award yourself: For each tip you already implement with your pet. Points 3. Points For each tip you only do moderately or infrequently. For each tip you would like to implement, but have not yet done so. Point Tip #1 Make time to play and bond with your cat. Fact: Bonding with your cat can reduce anxiety and unwanted behavioral problems. 15-30 minutes of bonding daily will result in a happy cat. Tip #2 Give your cat some personal space. Cats need a private spot to rest in comfort. Fact: Feline stress comes from environmental changes more than emotional factors. Thunder and strangers scare cats and make thenm anxious. Tip #3 Groom your cat regularly. Your cat will enjoy the attention. Fact: Grooming stimulates the skin, removes dear hair, and prevents hairballs. Hairballs swallowed by cats may require surgery to remove. Overload! Tip #4 weight Asses your cat's weight by feeling his/her ribs. Ideally, you should be able to easily count them. Fact: The percentage of overweight cats in the U.S. is 54%. This is a cause of serious health problems. Tip #5 Keep your cat away from human foods. Fact: Chocolate is toxic to cats. Theobromine and caffeine increase blood pressure and stimulate the central nervous system. Tip #6 Observe your cat's behavior and signs of aggression. Fact: Sudden aggression in cats can mean he/she is suffering from an injury. Cats bite 750,000 people in the U.S. every year. Tip #7 Take your cat to the vet at least twice a year. Fact: Heartworms are more serious in cats than dogs and can cause sudden death. The average lifespan of heartworms in untreated cats is 2-3 years. Tip #8 Choose safe toys for your cat. Toys that can be chewed apart are not suitable. Fact: String, yarn, and ribbons are unsafe toys for cats. Cat toys do not come with warning labels. Tip #9 95% Brush your cať's teeth daily. Cats with dental disease Fact: Tartar buildup can damage gums and lead to tooth loss. 95% of cats will have dental disease at some point in their lives. Tip #10 Indoor Cat dddd Outdoor Cat An indoor cat is a safer cat. Fact: Outdoor cats are more prone to infectious diseases. An outdoor cat's life expectancy is less than five years. Results Did you tally up your points? (see above for our scoring system) Check your score below for your pet parenting results: 50 You are an awesome Pet Parent, way to go! We are sure your furry pet is pampered and in good health, keep doing what you do and both of you will enjoy each other's company for years to come. 40 39 You are doing great! Remember to set routines for certain tips like Vet visit, grooming, spending time with your cat etc. We are sure you have a happy and healthy pet, but with some more attention, you will both have a stress free time. 20 19 We all have busy lifestyles and sometimes accomplishing all the tasks at hand are not possible. Make realistic goals for your and your pet and tackle the most severe ones first (pet proof your home, watch your cat's weight, regular vet visits). Once you have these accomplished, you can move on to the more routine ones. Share pet duties with other members of the house- hold, that way your pet will bond with the entire family. 10 EntirelyPets

How to Be An Awesome Cat Parent

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Are you a cat owner or have you ever considered owning a cat? This infographic will provide you with all the information you need to be an awesome cat parent!


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